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Say Hi to Windows 8.2 — er, 10

After some weeks of playing with Windows 10, I can say it’s definitely the desktop operating system Microsoft needed to release — in 2012.

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Windows 8's User Share Skyrockets in October as XP's Plummets

Windows 8's user share surged last month, while Windows XP's plummeted by a record amount.

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Why Windows 10 Isn't the Big Leap Forward Microsoft Says It Is

Going from Windows 8 to Windows 10 implies that Microsoft has big plans for the new version of its operating system. Given what we've seen so far, this appears to be the case – but is it really enough to justify skipping Windows 9?

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With Windows 10, Will Microsoft Truly Listen to Customers?

Microsoft has launched what it calls its 'largest-ever open collaborative development' effort to try to ensure its next operating system is what customers want. But has Microsoft really learned from the mistakes of Windows 8?

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Why IT Will Love Windows 10

Yes, the interface is a big improvement over Windows 8. The real appeal of Windows 10, though, might be the user and device management features that should have IT departments excited.

Windows 8.1 Backups Can Leave Sensitive Files Exposed to Internet

Failing to properly set up Windows File History can make private data Google-able.

Trying Windows 10 Tech Preview? Keep these 7 things in mind

The software you'll install on your PC is an early stage version of the OS that'll have bugs and will change a lot over time

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Windows 8 User Share Nose-Dives in September

September's numbers from Net Applications put the combined user share of Windows 8 and 8.1 at 12.3% of the world's desktop and notebook systems, a drop of 1.1 percentage points from August.

With Windows 10, a contrite Microsoft will try to atone for Windows 8 mistakes

The company outlined a series of enhancements due with the new OS aimed at attracting business customers

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Windows 10 Revealed: Microsoft's Next OS Fuses Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft executives said Windows 10 is Microsoft's response to feedback to consumers and businesses who still weren't satisfied with Windows 8. And you'll get to try it out for yourself.

Tasked with promoting Office 365? Microsoft has a website for you

The new Office 365 Customer Success Center is for 'champions' responsible for driving adoption of the suite

With new OS, Microsoft will try to put Windows 8 era behind it

The company is expected to unveil a preview of the Windows 8 successor on Tuesday

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6 Tips for Replacing Your Windows Laptop With a Surface Pro 3

Planning to ditch your laptop for a Windows tablet such as the Surface Pro 3? These tips will help you set up, secure and make the most of your new device.

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Windows 8's Uptake Climbs But Still Trails Vista's

Windows 8's uptake shoved into a forward gear last month for the first time since May, but the OS trailed Windows Vista's tempo of six years ago.

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Microsoft Pulls Software Update as It Looks Ahead to Windows 9

The latest Windows 8.1 software update was not only boring, it contained a nasty flaw. Microsoft pulled the update and appears to be focusing on its next major release, Windows 9.

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Microsoft Pulls August Windows Update After Users Report Crashes

Microsoft has pulled the links to its August update for Windows 8.1 and recommends that users uninstall it. If you've already downloaded the updates, however, there is a fix.

Windows 8's No-Name Update Plan Nails OS's Coffin Shut

Policy of smaller, faster updates also heralds broad changes to Windows in the future, say analysts; puts enterprises even further behind 8-ball

Windows 8.1 Biz Users Face Patch Freeze as Microsoft Sets Critical Updates

Businesses running Windows 8.1 must have April's 'Update 1' in place or they get no patch satisfaction

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