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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface, Windows RT tablets receiving promised update soon (but not Windows 10)

Devices like Microsoft's original Surface will get some new features around the launch of Windows 10, but won't get Windows 10 itself.

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Microsoft's Lumia 640 XL, the Windows Phone phablet for the masses, comes to U.S.

The Lumia 640 XL isn't a flagship phone, but it's got a big 5.7-inch 720p display at a good price.

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First Look: How will Windows 10 play on tablets

How does Windows 10, which Microsoft has been trying to make friendlier for desktops and notebooks, fare on tablets?

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Microsoft gets into the phone charger business with Portable Dual line

If you want a Microsoft-branded phone charger to go along with your new Lumia or Surface 3, Microsoft can oblige with its new Portable Dual chargers.

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How to train your Surface Pro 3: Tips, tricks, hacks

We’ve collected several tips for Microsoft’s popular tablet computer.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Happy birthday, Surface Pro 3! But you're not the future any more

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 turned one year old this week. But instead of celebrating, we should be wondering when a Windows 10 Surface phone will take its place.


This janky prototype paved the way for Microsoft Surface

Every device starts out with a rough prototype, but it's rare to get a good look at the humble beginnings of a popular device.

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7 reasons to ditch your iPad for the Surface 3

Microsoft’s new tablet, the Surface 3, is looking to be a compelling option to Apple’s iPad. Here are seven reasons the Surface 3 may make you want to leave your iPad at home.


Surface 3: right tablet, wrong time

Starting at $500 the new tablet runs full Windows 8.1 and will be upgraded to Windows 10 later this year.

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Microsoft takes old Surface tablets in trade for new Surface 3

Microsoft is now taking old Surface tablets in trade toward the purchase of a new Surface 3, which went on sale today.

Windows 10

Microsoft stakes out ambitious goal of 1B Windows 10 devices

Microsoft's chief operating system executive yesterday said that in three years, tops, Windows 10 would be running on a billion devices.

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Can Microsoft's new Surface 3 replace your notebook?

Microsoft wants you to replace your notebook and tablet with one device — the Surface 3. But can its Windows 8.1-running hybrid do the job of both without compromise?

Surface 3

Microsoft attacks Chromebooks with new, cheaper Surface 3 for schools

Microsoft says it is developing a new low-end Surface 3 for schools, which it will sell at a 10 percent discount.

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AMD exec spills beans on Windows 10 release date

If recent claims from a chip executive regarding the Windows 10 release date pan out, life will soon get easier for Windows users thanks to the return of the classic Start menu, new voice-powered search, and the death of the crazy...

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This fake Microsoft Surface phone is the flagship smartphone we want

Microsoft has promised new flagship phones to coincide with Windows 10. If only this completely fake Surface phone was one of them.

Surface 3

Hands on with Microsoft's Surface 3: Full Windows and a new CPU cut the compromises

Call it the Surface Pro 3's younger sibling: smaller, perhaps a tad immature, but with pluck and potential.

Surface 3

Benchmark scores show performance gap between Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, iPad Air 2

A handful of benchmark scores for Microsoft's not-yet-released Surface 3 tablet hint that it's between a third and half as fast as the more powerful Surface Pro 3.

Surface 3

Microsoft Surface team to brave Reddit on Friday

Microsoft's Surface tablet team, fresh off introducing a new lighter and thinner model this week, will take its chances with the Reddit crowd on Friday.

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