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This Microsoft Surface Lookalike Runs a Productive Version of Android Instead

A trio of former Googlers try to make Android more work-friendly, with help from a familiar-looking hybrid.

Windows 10

CIOs Share Windows 10 Wish Lists, Deployment Concerns

Many IT shops spurned Windows 8, but some of the same CIOs who avoided that last major Windows OS release say they're cautiously optimistic about Windows 10. Here's why.

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Microsoft Will Surprise in 2015

As the company seeks new ways to grow, it is likely to explore things once unthinkable for it.

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Microsoft Expands Anti-MacBook Campaign With Switching Tips

Microsoft has expanded its campaign against Apple's MacBook Air with a website offering practical advice to people who have switched or are thinking of switching to a Surface Pro 3.

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Microsoft’s Close Call, 2014: The 10 Wins and 9 Fails of a Company Racing to Transform Itself

Microsoft barely made it through 2014 on the positive side, as the company absorbed Nokia's phones and Mojang's Minecraft, introduced Cortana, and put out fires in Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Relive the saga with us here.

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2015 to Test Microsoft's Resolve and Execution

Microsoft faces not only its 40th anniversary in 2015, but a host of challenges that will define it for years to come.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Deploys 55,000 Windows 8.1 Tablets

Staff aboard ‘smart ship' Quantum of the Seas given Intel-based devices

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Mysterious Lumia Phablet Surfaces, Hinting at Microsoft's Midrange Phone Plans

Microsoft appears to be continuing its strategy of selling affordable rather than premium phones. AdDuplex logs show a new phablet, the RM-1062, will ship to AT&T, with the Lumia 735 heading to Sprint.

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Microsoft Awakes

The company is finding its way again. It’s already a power in cloud computing. Could it finally begin to master mobile?

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Microsoft's Surface Turns First Profit in 2 Years

After two years and nearly $2 billion in losses, Microsoft's Surface turned a profit in the September quarter.

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Microsoft: Surface Pro 3 Tablet is Selling at Twice the Rate of the Pro 2

Buyers are snapping up the well-regarded Surface Pro 3 tablet, which has replaced virtually all other versions on Microsoft's website. In the earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also talked up the Xbox and Lumia businesses.

Microsoft's 'Big Opportunity' to Goose Device Share Stalls Before it Gets Started

Microsoft's push to move its device needle from 14% just got harder. Gartner today forecast that the company's share will be flat this year and climb only slightly in 2015.

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Why the Surface Pro 3 Has Quietly Replaced My Work PC

The Surface Pro 3 offers all the advantages of a tablet along with all the performance of a solid notebook. Until I can do better, there's no reason to go back.

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Review: Surface Pro 3 Isn’t Really What Enterprises Want in a Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is touted as the tablet that can replace your laptop, but is it what businesses want to issue to all their employees?

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Microsoft Pledges Commitment to Surface Line and Surface Pro 3 Accessories

Hoping to ease the concerns of business customers, Microsoft announced that the Surface line is here to stay, and the Surface Pro 3's accessories will work with the next version of the tablet.

Windows 10

Why Windows 10 Isn't the Big Leap Forward Microsoft Says It Is

Going from Windows 8 to Windows 10 implies that Microsoft has big plans for the new version of its operating system. Given what we've seen so far, this appears to be the case – but is it really enough to justify skipping Windows 9?

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With Windows 10, Will Microsoft Truly Listen to Customers?

Microsoft has launched what it calls its 'largest-ever open collaborative development' effort to try to ensure its next operating system is what customers want. But has Microsoft really learned from the mistakes of Windows 8?

Windows 10

Why IT Will Love Windows 10

Yes, the interface is a big improvement over Windows 8. The real appeal of Windows 10, though, might be the user and device management features that should have IT departments excited.

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