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Surface 3

Hands on with Microsoft's Surface 3: Full Windows and a new CPU cut the compromises

Call it the Surface Pro 3's younger sibling: smaller, perhaps a tad immature, but with pluck and potential.

Surface 3

Benchmark scores show performance gap between Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, iPad Air 2

A handful of benchmark scores for Microsoft's not-yet-released Surface 3 tablet hint that it's between a third and half as fast as the more powerful Surface Pro 3.

Surface 3

Microsoft Surface team to brave Reddit on Friday

Microsoft's Surface tablet team, fresh off introducing a new lighter and thinner model this week, will take its chances with the Reddit crowd on Friday.


World Tech Update – Microsoft Surface 3, Amazon’s Dash Button, NASA’s flying saucer

Microsoft goes after laptop diehards with the new Surface 3 tablet, Amazon wants you to restock household items with a push of its Dash Button and NASA's flying saucer lander takes a spin.

Surface 3

Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try

Microsoft today unveiled the Surface 3, pitching the smaller device as a "more compact and efficient package" than the Surface Pro 3

Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3 promises great battery life, costs just $499 and runs Windows 8.1

As expected, Microsoft has launched a slightly smaller, significantly cheaper Surface 3 that ditches Windows RT.


Microsoft should forget the Surface, stick to the Pro 2-in-1 line

Microsoft will resuscitate its Surface tablet with a new model powered by Windows 8.1, ditching the flop that was Windows RT for a lower-priced device, according to an online report. But the company would be better served by sticking...

surface pro 3

The future of Microsoft Surface: What to expect from Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4

Cool new features on the horizon include power-sipping chips and the Hello authentication technology.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

IDC's bullish on Windows tablets because of 2-in-1s, business buys

Research firm IDC today forecast that Microsoft's Windows 10 would fuel an increase in the Redmond, Wash. company's share of the tablet market.

microsoft lumia 640xl collection

Microsoft Announces the Lumia 640XL, a Poor Man's Lumia 1520 Phablet

Microsoft's midrange phone strategy continues at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Lumia 640XL resembles the Lumia 1520, but it dials back the specs a bit.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3, Launches Trade-in Program

Microsoft has cut the price of its Surface Pro 3 and is offering up to $650 towards the purchase of the hybrid tablet/laptops to customers who trade in older Microsoft Surface devices.

surface pro 3 tradein site

Got an Old Surface? Microsoft's Taking Trade-ins

From now until March 8, you can trade an old Surface for up to $650 in credit toward a new Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Gets a Random $100 Discount

If you got cold feet during the Surface Pro 3's holiday sale, Microsoft is giving you a second chance. But is new hardware looming?

Microsoft Surface 2 (1)

Microsoft Has Stopped Making the Surface 2 Tablet, Spelling Trouble for Windows RT

Don't worry, the Surface Pro tablet is safe and selling great. But the basic Surface and Surface RT operating system are dead in all but name.

7 inch toshiba windows tablet

In Microsoft's Mobile-First, Cloud-First Strategy, Windows Takes a Supporting Role

The operating system that built Microsoft will serve as a conduit for the cloud services that now earn far more for the company.

All Signs Point to the Demise of Microsoft's Surface Tablet

Microsoft is within a whisker of calling it quits on its failed experiment with the Surface tablet.

Microsoft's Surface RT Tablets Won't Be Upgraded to Windows 10

But Windows RT tablets will receive some sort of update with partial Windows 10 functionality.


This Microsoft Surface Lookalike Runs a Productive Version of Android Instead

A trio of former Googlers try to make Android more work-friendly, with help from a familiar-looking hybrid.

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