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Windows XP

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Sorry, Intel: As Windows XP upgrade cycle wanes, so does company's revenue forecast

Intel lowers its revenue guidance by almost $1 billion as the post-Windows-XP surge in sales peters out.

Windows XP

Microsoft to Double Price of XP's Post-Retirement Support

Microsoft will double the per-PC price of support for enterprises still stuck with Windows XP systems when the first anniversary of the aged OS's retirement rolls around in April, a licensing expert said today.

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Free Windows, End-of-XP Spree, Drops Microsoft Revenue by $455 Million

Revenue generated from sales of Windows licenses to computer and device makers dropped $455 million, or 13%, when compared to the same period a year prior.

When Windows XP Ends, Life Must Go on for Research Systems

Quintiles develops a risk mitigation strategy for critical business applications.

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Windows 7 and Windows XP Show No Signs of Dying

While Microsoft's Windows 8.1 OS showed modest gains for January, the market share of both Windows 7 and Windows XP show no signs of dying off anytime soon.


Libavcodec Bug Threatens Windows XP VLC Users

Security researchers found a bug in VLC that could let an attacker run code on your machine, but VideoLan says the bug isn't theirs and a fix is already on its way.

Windows 10

Why IT Will Love Windows 10

Yes, the interface is a big improvement over Windows 8. The real appeal of Windows 10, though, might be the user and device management features that should have IT departments excited.

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Enthusiast Developer Keeps Windows XP Alive With Unofficial 'Service Pack 4'

Support for the 13-year-old operating system lives on without Microsoft's blessing.

XPocalypse, Not Now

Two months after Microsoft withdrew support for Windows XP, the catastrophic wave of exploits that security experts predicted would quickly wash over the aged operating system have failed to materialize.

Windows XP Registry Hack Keeps Security Updates Rolling for the Dead Operating System

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April, but a simple registry hack lets users continue to get security updates.

Windows XP Hack Resurrects Patches for Retired OS

A simple hack of Windows XP tricks Microsoft's update service into delivering patches intended for a close cousin of the aged OS, potentially extending support for some components until 2019, a security researcher confirmed today.

CA Technologies Release Free XP Migration Tool

Companies that want to migrate large numbers of users from Windows XP, which Microsoft stopped supporting last month, now have some help with a free tool from CA Technologies.

China Retaliates, Nixes Windows 8 on Government PCs

China has banned the use of Windows 8 on government computers, a move officials there claimed was a reaction to the end of Windows XP's support.

Upgrade From XP to Windows 7

You know you can't keep using Windows XP. Here's what you need to know about keeping your PC while upgrading the operating system.

End of Support for Windows XP a Danger to Tech Freedom

Everybody knows about Microsoft ending Windows XP support, but most of the articles and bloggers are hitting on the wrong point. Microsoft could very well be putting the IT industry in danger of becoming heavily regulated by the...

Microsoft: We're Serious This Time; XP's Dead to Us

It's Patch Tuesday for Microsoft, but Windows XP users aren't getting any of the security updates. Get used to it, the company says.

Windows XP Die-Hards Can Slash Attack Risk By Dumping IE

By switching to a non-Microsoft browser, Windows XP users can halve the number of vulnerabilities that apply to the OS, according to a survey of flaws Microsoft fixed in the second half of 2013.

Hackers Now Crave Patches, and Microsoft's Giving Them Just What They Want

Hackers will have at least one, perhaps as many as four, patches next week to investigate as they search for unfixed flaws in Windows XP, the 13-year-old operating system that Microsoft retired from support April 8.

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