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Adobe pushes critical Flash Player update to fix latest zero-day

Users with automatic updates enabled in Flash Player have already started receiving the new patch

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Here's the Windows 10 Preview User Forum on Microsoft's Site

Microsoft wants to hear what you have to say about Windows 10, and this is where you can do it.


Windows 10: The 10 Coolest Features You Should Check Out First

From Cortana to the fancy new Start menu, you won't want to miss these Windows 10 features.

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Microsoft Releases Big Update to Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft today released the long-awaited consumer-centric preview of Windows 10.

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Microsoft's Windows 10 Build 9926 with Cortana is Live Now

Microsoft has published Build 9926, the version of Windows 10 the company showed off at its event this week.


Microsoft Reneges on Windows 10 Upgrades for All Current Lumia Phones

Contrary to an earlier statement, Microsoft now says some Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will be left behind.


Microsoft Touts $7-Per-User Monthly Pricing for Windows Subscription Packages

Microsoft has released details on the first-ever per-user Microsoft Windows subscription.

Windows Phone 10 tries to become the smaller side of Windows 10

Microsoft wants to lure mobile app developers with the promise of writing for the entire Windows family including desktops

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Microsoft: Windows 10, it's on Us

In a major shift, Microsoft yesterday said it would provide free Windows 10 upgrades to customers running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on their PCs and tablets

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Microsoft Announces Office 2016 Suite, Touch-Enabled Office for Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft releases its first screenshots and planned ship dates for Office for Windows 10, its touch apps for mobile Windows 10 devices. Microsoft also announced Office 2016 for mouse-and-keyboard PC users.

Adobe fixes just one of two actively exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Internet Explorer and Firefox users with Flash Player enabled remain at risk

Microsoft's Surface RT Tablets Won't Be Upgraded to Windows 10

But Windows RT tablets will receive some sort of update with partial Windows 10 functionality.

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Windows 10 for Phones: A Change in name, But Not in Core Features

The most important change may be the name: Windows Phone has vanished in favor of Windows 10. But aside from some iterative changes to apps, change does not seem to be a-coming.

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Windows 10: The 10 Most Important New Consumer Preview Features

From Cortana to Xbox streaming and the audacious Windows Holographic, these are the biggest announcements from Microsoft's Windows 10 Consumer Preview event.

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Microsoft Leaps into 3D Computing with Windows Holographic and HoloLens

Holograms! You heard that right: Augmented reality is coming to Windows, with a new API for 3D imaging and a HoloLens headset, plus HoloStudio for making your own holograms.


Windows 10 for Phones Will Act Like an Extension of Your PC

Microsoft gives the first glimpse of its next mobile operating system, including synced notifications, Skype integration and full-featured Office.

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Windows 10's New Features: Cortana on the PC, Continuum, and More

Microsoft showed off new, consumer-focused features for Windows 10.

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Windows 10 Will be a Free Upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 Users

After showcasing enterprise-oriented features at the first Windows 10 event, Microsoft turned its attention to consumers in the latest reveal.

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What to Expect from Microsoft's Windows 10 Event, from Cortana to New Browsers

On Wednesday, Microsoft plans to unveil a consumer preview of Windows 10. Look for Cortana integration, improved notifications, a seamless new interface, new browsers and more.

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