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The Year in Tech Industry Apologies

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the rest get in the sorry line.

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At Microsoft, Quality Seems to Be Job None

Microsoft has blown my mind with its Windows 10 update, and not in a good way.

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Windows 10's OneDrive Integration Could Be the Key to 'Cheapbook' Storage

Microsoft appears to be using OneDrive in Windows 10 to back up both data, and apps, suggesting that cloud storage will increasingly replace local storage.

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Microsoft Mellows, Embraces Windows 10 Leaks

Microsoft didn't seem bothered about another leak of Windows 10. "How could we be upset about lots of people wanting to try our new stuff?" tweeted Gabe Aul, the engineering general manager for Microsoft's operating system group....

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Microsoft Hints at PC Gaming News During Windows 10's Consumer Reveal

The consumer side of Windows 10 may include some perks for PC gaming, but does Microsoft have more than just DirectX 12 up its sleeve?

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Most (Not All) of Microsoft's Shiny New MSN Apps are Worth a Download

Microsoft continues to aggressively expand beyond Windows with a set of new MSN-branded apps for Windows, Android and iOS.

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Microsoft to Detail 'Next Chapter' of Windows 10 on January 21

Microsoft announces a Webcast to describe what it calls 'the next chapter' of Windows 10, this time emphasizing Windows 10's consumer appeal.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday addresses Exchange and Explorer flaws

Microsoft issued 7 security patches for the month

Microsoft Tells Windows 10 Users to Uninstall Office

Microsoft today took the unusual step of telling users running Windows 10's Technical Preview to uninstall Office before applying one of today's Patch Tuesday updates.

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Warning: Today's Windows 10 Security Update Has a Known Conflict with Office

Microsoft's Gabe Aul tweets that one of today's Windows 10 Tech Preview security updates has problem -- but doesn't mention which one

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For Microsoft, New Windows Revenue May Mean 'Subscriptions'

After Microsoft's chief operating officer last week said the company was going to change the Windows business model, analysts tried to figure out exactly what he meant.

The POODLE flaw returns, this time hitting TLS security protocol

HTTPS website owners advised to check their websites again

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Microsoft's Alt-OS Strategy Strikes Loyalists as Class Warfare

Long-time Windows users may feel like second-class citizens as Microsoft continues to push its products and services onto alternate platforms, but the problem will clear up next year, analysts said.

15 essential open source tools for Windows admins

15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins

Sure, Microsoft has a ton of useful admin tools, but terrific, complementary open source tools abound

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Free Windows? Not a Chance

Microsoft is dousing speculation that it would make Windows free across the board.

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5 Great Free Windows Tuneup Utilities You Need Right Now

Want a faster, cleaner, better-running PC? Then check out these five free downloads to clean up and speed up your computer.

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Microsoft Slates 7 Security Updates for Next Week, Resurrects Exchange Fix

Microsoft plans to release seven security updates on Tuesday, three of them critical, to patch Internet Explorer, Windows, various pieces of the Office suite, and the SharePoint and Exchange server software.

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Microsoft Takes a Bath on Failed Nook Partnership

After sinking $300 million into Barnes & Noble's digital reading business, Microsoft is walking away with about $120 million in cash and stock--and not much else.

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