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Windows 9 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Know So Far

The Start menu. Cortana. Virtual desktop support! Windows 9 is expected to be officially revealed at a Microsoft event on September 30 and leaks are springing everywhere.

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Attention Enthusiasts: Windows 10 Technical Preview Landing Wednesday

It'll be delivered via a new "Windows Insider" program that will let testers discuss issues with Microsoft engineers.

Google triples bug bounty reward range to $15,000

The company says it will even break that ceiling for outstanding reports

Shellshock flaw could pose risks to payments industry

No problems have been reported yet, but those in the industry should patch if possible

12 things to know about Windows 10

Microsoft's OS is due next year and will run on all devices

With Windows 10, a contrite Microsoft will try to atone for Windows 8 mistakes

The company outlined a series of enhancements due with the new OS aimed at attracting business customers

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First Look: Windows 10

Microsoft's first glimpse of next year's new Windows fixes obvious flaws and borrows from Apple's OSes

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Hands-on With Microsoft's New Windows 10: UI Changes That Look Great at First Blush

At this point, Microsoft's next OS is literally a work in progress. But some of the changes in UI are available to view, and they're both lovely and productive.

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Microsoft Unveils 'Spiritual Successor' to Windows 7 By Going to 10

Microsoft today unveiled the successor to its failed Windows 8 at an event in San Francisco, putting the Steven Sinofsky era behind it by, if nothing else, naming the new OS "Windows 10."

Microsoft skips a number, says 'Windows 10' will be a big break from the past

The company showed an early build of its new OS in San Francisco Tuesday

Cisco, Oracle find dozens of their products affected by Shellshock

Cisco has identified 71 products vulnerable to Shellshock and Oracle 51, but the number is likely to increase


Bye, Bing: Microsoft's Windows Apps Rebranded as MSN

The future of Microsoft's online services is here---and it's MSN. Say goodbye to Bing unless you're using Cortana or doing a search.

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Update and Upgrade Roadmap Crucial to Windows 9 Success

Analysts today will be closely monitoring Microsoft's Windows event to hear how, or even whether, the company can reconcile its fast-paced release cycle with the more conservative needs of enterprises.

Apple patches Bash vulnerability in OS X

The vulnerability posed little risk to most users

Tasked with promoting Office 365? Microsoft has a website for you

The new Office 365 Customer Success Center is for 'champions' responsible for driving adoption of the suite

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Leaker Claims Only Some Windows 8.1 Users Will Get Free Windows 9 Upgrades

For those currently running Windows 7, the upgrade will come with a price tag, according to tweets from "Wzor," a notorious spiller of Microsoft secrets.

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'Critical Point' for Windows Starts Tuesday

Whatever Microsoft calls Windows 8's successor better wow the enterprise.

Improved patch tackles new Shellshock attack vectors

Two new exploitable issues were found in the Bash shell and could lead to remote code execution, researcher warns

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