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Microsoft won't let you use new Cortana features without Edge or Bing

Microsoft's Cortana, Bing and Edge are now joined at the hip, and the company limited a set of new features in its digital assistant to people who use its own browser and search engine.

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Microsoft locks down Cortana: Blocks integration with other browsers, search engines

Only Microsoft's Edge browser and Bing will be allowed to perform searches made through Windows 10's Cortana, Microsoft said Thursday.


Facebook gives Windows 10 a hug with new Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps

Facebook and Messenger get shiny new Windows 10 desktop apps, while Instagram becomes a fully featured mobile app.


Mingis on Tech, Episode 12: All about the Surface Book (and the importance of ports)

If you're eyeing a Microsoft Surface Book, or want to make sure your next laptop is future-proof, this episode's for you.


PCWorld Show Episode 14: Intel Throws PCs Under the Bus

That thing rolling over the PC? It's Intel's bus

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10 essential pen-friendly Windows apps

Put that slick Surface Pen to work with these ink-happy tools for your laptop-tablet hybrid.

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First look: Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview

A rundown of the Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, due this summer, including some new features available in the latest Insider build.

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Microsoft launches Lumia BOGO deal to boost fading Windows phone sales

Microsoft admitted it couldn't sell its Lumia smartphones, so now it's giving them away. The two-for-one deal expires May 1 or while supplies last.

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How to uninstall QuickTime for Windows

Apple stopped supporting QuickTime for Windows, but left a couple of major security flaws unpatched. The company recommends you uninstall it, and now would be a good time. Here's how.

Microsoft gives OneDrive users until July to shrink their storage

Microsoft has given users of its OneDrive cloud storage service a 90-day notice that their free allowance will be scaled back from 15GB to 5GB in late July, according to emails and reports from customers.

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Microsoft gives testers first look at the Windows 10 upgrade slated to debut this summer

Microsoft today released to testers the first real look at its next big Windows 10 upgrade, dubbed the "Anniversary Update."

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Mammoth Windows 10 Insider preview adds new Anniversary Update features galore

Microsoft releases Build 14328 for Windows 10 PCs and phones with dozens of new features, including Anniversary Update features galore.

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Why enterprise developers could save Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft continues to bleed mobile market share with Windows 10 Mobile, so why are some enterprise developers betting big on the platform's eventual success in the corporate world.

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Windows 10's upgrade model temporarily wipes $1.6B from Microsoft's books

Microsoft's decision to radically change the distribution and maintenance of Windows 10 put a temporary $1.6 billion dent in its revenue.

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Windows phones' free-fall may force Microsoft to push harder on Windows 10 adoption

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella says he doesn't care what device you buy, as long as it runs Windows 10. But if Wall Street doesn't buy it, look out.

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Here's how Apple's updated MacBook stacks up against current PCs

Apple's new 12-inch MacBook is a minor refresh to a popular product. We match it spec by spec to the current crop of laptops.

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How to install Ubuntu Bash shell on Windows

You can now have your cake and eat it too.


Dropbox is dropping Windows XP support and blocking Windows XP users this summer

There will be no official way to use Dropbox on Windows XP past August 2016.

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