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MIT-bred technology would let cars help each other avoid traffic jams

The RoadRunner system would use virtual tokens and vehicle-to-vehicle wireless LANs

Virgin Atlantic picks Gogo for in-flight connectivity

The underlying technology is scheduled to be launched in the middle of next year


The Net: From Cyberspace to Everyplace

20 years ago, we thought cyberspace was going to be an exotic place to visit. Instead, it’s become an extension of everyday life.

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Wi-Fi Group Acts to Simplify Peer-to-Peer Video, Printing and More

The Wi-Fi Alliance has defined standard ways to carry out common uses of Wi-Fi Direct

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A Wireless Router May Someday Charge Your Mobile Devices

Energous has developed a WiFi-style wireless charging device that sends power to anything within a 30-foot radius.

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The New Intel: Defining the Future Starts at the Top

Intel nailed it at its recent developer forum, showing off innovative products that honor the hard work of its employees and partners while also setting a high standard for other vendors to follow. Crucially, it all started with CEO...

T-Mobile takes Wi-Fi voice and text everywhere

A new offering allows calls from outside the US and on US airliners with Gogo in-flight service

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Western Digital Enters the Wireless Driver Fray

WD has announced its first wireless hard drive, a 500GB-2TB device that works with iOS or Android devices.


New Gigabit Wi-Fi Options for Enterprise, SMB, SOHO

Meru hits enterprise sweet spot, EnGenius and ZyXEL target SMBs with 802.11ac access points.

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Wireless Competition Heats Up, and So Do Changes in Executive Ranks

AT&T's Ralph de la Vega to head new merged mobile and business unit

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Freescale Introduces Multistandard, Programmable Wireless Charging Chips

Freescale's new integrated chips contain programmable firmware that allows two charging specifications and can be tailored to transmit data between a mobile device and charger.

IT Gets a Bigger Role in the Conventions Business

Wherever people convene, IT is essential, says James E. Rooney, executive director at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.

FDA Approves Tech That Turns Smartphone Into Stroke Warning System

Mobile health app can perform a real-time electrocardiogram


Sprint Drops Second Shoe: $60 Unlimited Voice, Text, Data Plan

New plan atop Family Share Pack aims to beat backs competitors with designs on new Sprint subscribers

Sprint's Cut in Data Prices Won't Help its Network Woes

'Sprint is hobbled by its network,' one analyst says

Verizon is Tops in Network Performance, Reliability, Speed in 2014 Tests

RootMetrics finds AT&T close behind, with T-Mobile making big gains over Sprint

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With SmartThings Buy, is Samsung Embracing an Open Internet of Things?

An Internet of Things startup may help shape a consumer goliath's product strategy


Car to Car Communication Technology

This video from CNET gives a brief overview of dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology making its way into most cars in the near future.

Big Tech Firms Back Wi-FAR for Remote Broadband

802.22 standard, approved in 2011, promises low-cost broadband for remote areas

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