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14 rules for creating a bring-your-dog-to-work policy

Think the 'D' in BYOD applies only to 'Device'? Think again. Pet-loving business owners, as well as dog (and cat) experts, share their advice on allowing dogs and other pets at the office.

The tech companies with the best employee satisfaction and work-life balance

All work and no play don't make for very happy employees. Some tech companies have better work-life environments than others.

top techie vacations spots 1

Top 10 techie vacation spots

Vacation timeMaybe you’ve been working non-stop on a mission critical project. Maybe your shop is shorthanded and you haven’t been able to get away. Maybe you’re just a procrastinator when it comes to planning a summer vacation....

supporting working parents

6 ways to support working parents

Happy parents are happy workers. Here are six ways to ensure you're supporting working parents and helping them be their most productive selves.

hacking your productivity

5 ways to hack your productivity

If you find it difficult to get as much work done in the day as you’d like, follow these five tips to hack your productivity.

cio quick takes3

CIO Quick Takes: Tech execs learn to unplug

Unplugging from the day-to-day grind is great, in theory, but in practice how do you disconnect from a demanding leadership role? IT executives share advice on how they let go.

employment benefits ts

Are benefits for IT workers shrinking?

While tech salaries have increased, many organizations are eliminating benefits like tuition reimbursement, awards and telecommuting. What does this mean for IT workers?

Beach Reads for Techies

Beach reads for techies 2015

IT pros share their reading plans for the summer and recommend their all-time favorite books for technologists. Elon Musk or Malcolm Gladwell, anyone?

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Can't disconnect on vacation? These IT pros offer their hard-earned tips

More IT professionals are reducing work activity and enjoying their vacation time. But it takes planning and resolve to completely unplug.


CIOs share their secrets to unplugging on vacation

IT executives have learned how to build strong, reliable and trustworthy teams so that no one person is the single point of contact. That not only allows for more efficiency, it lets CIOs unplug on summer vacations.

building workforce plan millennials

Winning workforce strategies for a new generation of talent

As millennials start to flood the IT workforce, organizations must make dramatic changes to their workforce strategies to attract, retain and engage a new generation of talent.

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8 cutting-edge workplaces that millennials will love

These eight large companies ditched the boring old cubicles for modern, open workspaces in an effort to both attract new millennial workers and retain key existing employees.

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Meet a tech industry pioneer who leads by example

Microsoft’s Vice President of IT Strategic Enterprise Services Jacky Wright is more than her title suggests -- so much more.

microsoft delve dashboard

Hey, workaholics: Microsoft Delve will track your 'work life balance'

Delve started out as a visual representation of the people and data you interact with at work, but now it's expanding into time tracking. Is this Microsoft Office Space?

mobile guilt

Mobile guilt trips lead to distracted workers. Time to unplug?

Does your smartphone or tablet make you feel like you're stealing time from your family when you're working at home and robbing your employer when you sneak in personal business at work? You're not alone, according to recent...

The most important and overlooked cycle in the CIO toolkit

We all agree that it's every CIO's job not just to operate, but to innovate. And not just to innovate on a single project, product or software release. The single most important cycle for a CIO is the critical sequence of conditions...

Diane E. Jurgens

Shanghai OnStar's Diane Jurgens and Her Grand China Adventure

Diane Jurgens, the managing director of Shanghai OnStar, has a tale to tell about her life and work in China.

millenial shakeup

How to Help Millennials Shine in the Workplace

Millennials already make up a large part of the workforce and in 10 years they are expected to represent the majority of workers. In order to uncover this generation's full potential, businesses need to better understand its traits...

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