100 Companies Delivering Exceptional
Innovation & Business Value

This year's CIO 100 award winners understand the need for speed to deliver business agility
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The business world views CIOs as more tortoise than hare, but it's time to rethink that stereotype. Award-winning CIOs find that speeding up innovation and business processes yields a competitive advantage.
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Telematics and Analytics Show Progressive How to Price Car Insurance

Progressive's Snapshot device monitors customer driving habits, lets insurer fine-tune policy pricing
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Enterprise Social Network Moves Ad Agency into the Future

Ogilvy & Mather builds its own social collaboration system with open-source tools and many, many user interviews
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The 2013 CIO 100 Winners

Creating Business Value With Technology Innovation

How We Chose the 2013 CIO 100 Winners

2013 CIO 100 Awards: The Judges

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What is the CIO 100 Award?

Find out more about our annual competition. Check out the CIO 100 FAQ to learn about our judging criteria, the rules, and how to apply for the 2013 CIO 100 Awards.
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