2008 Winner Profile

St. John's University

  • Project Description: St. John's University used business process management tools to to automate workflow, document imaging and the application process in admissions and financial aid. The new automated workflow will improve processing speeds, turnaround times, auditing, tracking, and data-verification capabilities, as well as reduce handling and use of paper. The Banner Xtender module from SunGard imports all images into the system and uses an Oracle tool, Apex, to import data and index information. Applied to the admissions process, this allowed the university to process a record 38,437 applications for the fall semester 2008, compared with 20,000 in 2005.
  • Project type: BPM, Document Management
  • Business Functions: Accounting & Finance, Customer service/support, Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Business Goal: Operational
  • CIO: $model.cio100.cioFirstName Tufano, VP & CIO
  • CEO: James Pellow, EVP & COO
  • Headquarters: Queens, N.Y.
  • Industry: Education
  • Website: www.stjohns.edu