2009 Winner Profile

Artist 2 Market

  • Project Description: Artist 2 Market provides performing artists with a flexible model for recording, developing and distributing their work, allowing them to choose the services tailored to their needs. Using SOA, the company combines multiple services within the supply chain that reside on different systems, such as the Mac OS for creative applications and Windows applications for accounting and marketing. Artists do the work themselves and maintain complete ownership of their work. As a result, artists earn an average of 185 percent more from physical CDs and 400 percent more from work distributed digitally than they would by working with traditional music publishers.
  • Project type: SOA, BPM, Internet
  • Business Functions: Supply chain/logistics, Sales, Customer service/support
  • Business Goal: Strategic/Competitive advantage
  • CIO: $model.cio100.cioFirstName Skinner, CIO
  • CEO: Jed Becker, CEO
  • Headquarters: Royal Oak, Mich.
  • Industry: Retail/Wholesale/Distribution
  • Revenue (2008): $1 million
  • Website: artist2market.com