2009 Winner Profile

Kenya Tea Development Agency

  • Project Description: The Kenya Tea Development Agency connected 57 tea processing factories throughout the country with its head office in Nairobi, enabling farmers to electronically access information about the payments they are owed each month. KTDA says it takes a maximum of three days¿instead of three to six months¿for a new grower to be registered, thanks to a more-efficient recording of the number of growers. The system has also helped to eliminate ¿ghost growers¿ who were paid without providing tea. The agency also reports savings of $500,000 in communication costs and $800,000 in labor and energy costs.
  • Project type: BPM, Collaboration, ERP
  • Business Functions: Manufacturing, Inventory management, Supply chain/logistics
  • Business Goal: Operational
  • CIO: $model.cio100.cioFirstName GATABAKI, Group General Manager, ICT
  • CEO: Lerionka Tiampati, Group CEO
  • Headquarters: Nairobi
  • Industry: Management Services
  • Revenue (2008): $500 million
  • Website: www.ktdateas.com/