2011 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Intel created a private cloud to provide on-demand infrastructure for its business units around the world. Deployed in 2010, the project allows approved internal customers to get server, network and storage capability for virtual machines and platform applications without any human interaction. Intel saved between $750,000 and $2 million in software costs by using software and hardware it already owned. The time it takes to provision end users with infrastructure services was reduced from 14 days to three hours, saving the company 2,377 employee hours during the last five months of 2010. Built-in business intelligence allows the company to see which projects and internal units use which resources and allocate capacity according to business priorities. The company can more quickly grow new lines of business, making it more agile and responsive.
Project type:
Business intelligence, Server virtualization, Infrastructure automation
Business Functions:
Internal customer service/support, IT operations,
Business Goal:
Diane Bryant, VP & CIO
Paul S. Otellini, President & CEO
Santa Clara, Calif.
Computer Hardware
Revenue (2010):
$43.6 billion
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