2012 Winner Profile

University of Pennsylvania InformationSystems & Computing

Project Description:
In the summer of 2010, the University of Pennsylvania set out to accommodate the mushrooming number and variety of devices arriving on campus with students, parents, alumni, faculty and employees. To that end, the school launched the Information Systems and Computing's Mobile Communications initiative to provide the Penn community with anytime, anywhere, from-any-device connectivity. Penn designed a technology architecture that is browser-based, not device-specific, allowing users of most devices full access to university resources. The solution came at the right time. The fall semester of 2010 saw more than 90 percent of Penn students and more than 40 percent of others on campus using mobile devices, and those numbers will probably only go up. The university estimates an annual savings of more than $420,000 as a result of its browser-based architecture. The mobile initiative also accommodates future new devices and positions the university in the forefront of a long-term mobile solution.
Project type:
Mobile or Wireless, Security Technologies
Business Functions:
Customer Service and Support
Business Goal:
Robin Beck, VP
Amy Gutmann, President
Philadelphia, Pa.
Education or Nonprofit
Revenue (2011):
$6.007 billion
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