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How Rackspace flew through turbulence in the private cloud

Bryan Thompson, General Manager, OpenStack Private Cloud at Rackspace, talked about the second generation of cloud and some turbulence that OpenStack recently experienced.

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Directing the Technology Orchestra

Orchestrating the world of cloud, big data, analytics, AI and the Internet of Things. Don’t let the buzzwords become buzz saws. They all work in concert for the customer experience.

Barton George of Project Sputnik from Dell

How Dell’s Project Sputnik came to life

I met and talked to Barton George, the project’s initiator and leader, to understand the backstory.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4

Creating a global social community for songwriters

Decades of disruption by Jobs does not mark the end of disruptive technology within the music industry, only the end of a very dramatic beginning because of the rise of new demands and challenges.

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60% off AUKEY USB-C to HDMI Adapter, 4k 1080p Support - Deal Alert

This small reversible connector is designed to support a new wave of faster, more efficient power delivery, and up to 10 times faster data transfer speeds than USB 2.0.

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Calculate the Cost of Downtime

IT projects, especially infrastructure projects can be challenging to get approved. Discuss the "cost of downtime" in your proposal so senior management can visualize and understand the risk implications, and you will get many more of...

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Why is Facebook’s iOS app so bloated?

Facebook’s app weighs in at more than 380 MB when you download it from the iOS App Store. Is it time to just get rid of Facebook altogether?

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Ecosystems: when digital transformation grows up

CIOs know digital transformation is important — but it's also a vague mandate that doesn't always lead to specific action steps. Luckily, ecosystem strategies are emerging as a more specific, robust and actionable take on the digital...

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The MP3 is dead: long live the MP3!

Technicians at Fraunhofer have given up on the format that once revolutionized the internet. Is it over for the MP3?

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Understanding the benefits and threats when building an IoT strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to gain momentum, both growing in total connections and into new business and consumer application segments, but still CIOs and other IT leaders diverge on what are the real benefits of...

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Save 24% on Amazon's Echo Dot By Buying Certified Refurbished Right Now - Deal Alert

You can pick up an Amazon Echo Dot for well below list price, if you're comfortable buying refurbished. Which you can be, since Certified Refurbished products are tested and certified to look and work like new, and come with...

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47% off Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4 with Cooling Fan and Dual Controller Charging - Deal Alert

Keep your PS4/PS4 Slim console organized and functioning properly with this vertical stand from Pecham which features an integrated cooling fan, dual controller changing and a USB hub.

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10 essential productivity tips for road warriors

Executives who spend much of their time on the road share their tips for keeping up with work and staying connected to the office.

diversity in the hiring pipeline

Why we are going about diversity all wrong

A quantitative approach that links individual behaviors to company performance will revolutionize talent management and make diversity an unavoidable part of the solution.

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Why you should invest in AI talent now

Get HR involved now in finding people with AI skills and talent or risk being left behind, warns Mark Minevich, a leading business and government consultant.

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Don't worry CIOs: You still control tech spending

In the digital era, business executives are becoming more involved in acquiring corporate technologies. But the CIO still largely has the final say for most technology purchasing decisions.

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How to make and use a bootable Windows 10 recovery disk

Like it or not, Windows 10 will occasionally fail or falter, to the point where it won't run and won't boot. That's when it's time to bring out a rescue or recovery tool often called a 'rescue/recovery disk.'

Elementary OS is trying to create a business model for open source app developers

There is no dearth of Linux based operating systems, you will find dime a dozen. However there are only a few major ones that matter and elementary OS is among them.

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