Intel CEO Krzanich: What we're doing to succeed on smartphones

Intel is looking to partners to help make its mark in smartphones

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IBM helps mobile apps meet accessibility guidelines

The Mobile Accessibility Checker flags potential accessibility issues with mobile apps

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’Thought Leadership’ Means Never Having to Say You’re Discriminating

In an industry where buzzwords fly, terms like ‘team player,’ ‘salesmanship,’ ‘innovative’ and ‘thought leadership’ are hardly benign. In fact, they are sometimes code words that mask bias and sexual discrimination.

SanDisk's InfiniFlash is a new storage format that will sell for under $1/GB

InfiniFlash is Sandisk's new all-flash platform for applications such as video streaming or high-peformance databases

Apple edges out Samsung in fourth quarter smartphone sales

Apple regains quaterly crown for first time since 2011, as Samsung faces competition at both the premium and low-end

Salesforce, SAP to get a shot of IoT data

Through deals with IoT pioneer Jasper, they can collect more data about products in the field

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Mozilla Previews 64-bit Firefox for Windows, Tentatively Slates Stable Release for Mid-May

Mozilla on Monday announced its first developer preview of a 64-bit Windows version of Firefox


Project Spartan Leaked: Here's How Cortana Will Work in Microsoft's New Browser

Brace yourselves: The Clippy jokes are coming.

Spain's Telefonica goes virtual with HP

The international carrier will virtualize functions in its network for more flexibility

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7 of the Most Famous Spies

Real world spies are continually at work, grabbing government top secrets and business trade secrets. Here are seven of the most famous / infamous spies.

AirWatch and Cisco help developers build enterpise-friendly smartphone apps

A new initiative details how to build features such as remote app configuration and single sign-on


How You Can Tell Your Phone Carrier to Block 'Robocalls'

A consumer advocacy group posted an online petition that demands carriers create tools to block those annoying and intrusive 'robocalls.' Here's why you should take a minute to show your support.

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11 Tips for Improving Your Company’s Customer Support

Here’s how to ensure your customers are getting the help they need and coming away with a positive impression of your company.

micromanagement damaging your it team

IT Leadership: Signs You're a Micromanager (And How to Stop)

Micromanagement may seem harmless, but it's sabotaging your teams, your productivity and morale from within, and stifling your business's ability to grow. Here's how to tell if you're a micromanager, and some steps you can take to...

SanDisk pushes MicroSD to 200GB

The card can hold around 20 hours of high-def video

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Lenovo Vows to Stop Shipping PCs with Third-Party Bloatware After Superfish Fiasco

It only took an embarrassing adware scandal that put millions of PCs at risk, but Lenovo just had a revelation: People just want clean Windows.

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Microsoft's Vision for the Future: Smart Bracelets, Holograms, and Adaptive Wall Displays

Microsoft's 'productivity future vision' presents an idyllic, amazing concept of the future where interactive displays meet Microsoft's next-gen Microsoft Band, the Courier folding display, and more.


The 11 People You Meet on (Nearly) Every Open Source Project

Which kind are you? Choose wisely!

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Bloatware: Why Computer Makers Fill Your PC With Junk, and How to Get Rid of it

Lenovo's Superfish debacle has thrust bloatware back into the limelight. Here's why PC makers intentionally make your PC experience worse, and how to blast the crap off your computer.

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