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10 signs you play too many mobile games

If you spend more time raiding villages in Clash of Clans than watching your kids, you might have a problem.


The Evolution of iOS

A look at the evolution of Apple's mobile operating system.

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Auction house puts pristine 39-year-old Apple-1 on the block

Auction house Bonhams will put a pristine Apple-1 personal computer on the block this month, and pegged the gavel price at between $300,000 and $500,000.

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Uber links to sensitive ride data now expire after 48 hours

Uber has tweaked one of the features in its app after it was shown to let sensitive trip data become publicly accessible through Google.


Connected homes, smartwatches and gaming PCs dominate IFA in Berlin

If you wanted to make your dumb home smarter, buy a fancy TV or get on board with the smartwatch craze, the IFA trade show this week was the place to be.

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Dropbox's head of enterprise says collaboration will set it apart

Ross Piper, Dropbox's vice president of enterprise, will play a key role in his company's efforts to justify its most recent $10 billion valuation, even as it continues to compete in the consumer space as well.

Windows 10 Mobile running on a Lumia 940XL.

Microsoft kills off some of Nokia's apps for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced Friday that it will be ceasing development on several apps Nokia developed for Windows Phone as the company streamlines the photo experience on Windows 10 Mobile.


Acer attacks gamer market with new Predator laptops

Acer's new Predator 15 and Predator 17 notebooks sport a cool new cooling system.

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MainOne's MDX-i taps Azure to offer cloud services in West Africa

MDX-i, a subsidiary of MainOne, West Africa’s largest data center is tapping Microsoft's Azure to launch a cloud-service to help it meet the computing infrastructure needs of companies deploying private, public or hybrid clouds from...

How data analytics helped DirectBuy gain new customer insights

How data analytics helped DirectBuy gain new customer insights

As part of its digital transformation, the membership retail club is using analytics software to strengthen its business in the face of threats from and other ecommerce providers.


DJI drone upgrade helps avoid crashes

A firmware update for DJI Phantom drones will help pilots with drone orientation.

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Adapting to the new digital world: Is your data strategy stuck in the Dark Ages?

We marvel at the thought that the price of lighting has fallen 10,000 times since the "Dark Ages." So why don't we take advantage of the fact that the price of data storage has fallen almost double that amount in only two decades?...


Yamaha's latest digital sound projector delivers Dolby Atmos surround sound from a single cabinet

Movie soundtracks encoded with Dolby Atmos trick your brain into hearing sound from all directions, not just front and rear.

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How a ‘Tiger Team’ can make internal audits strategic

Often transformational efforts at companies, though good in intention, fail in execution. Columnist Rob Enderle recently learned of a successful effort happening at NIC, an Internal Audit Tiger Team. Here’s a look at what it is and...

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CISA likely coming back to Senate, amid doubts about effectiveness

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, controversial cyberthreat information-sharing bill, is likely to get a push for Senate passage this fall, amid doubts that it would have prevented recent major breaches.


Blackberry buys Good Technology as it further expands into mobile device security

Blackberry placed rivalries aside and purchased Good Technology as the phone maker moves further into the mobile security market.

French ISPs petition court to overturn secret foreign surveillance decree

Two French ISPs have asked France's highest court to overturn a secret government decree defining how French security services can scoop up foreign Internet traffic. They claim the decree is unconstitutional.


LinkedIn-based intelligence gathering campaign targets the security industry

A LinkedIn-based intelligence gathering campaign has been using fake LinkedIn profiles to map out the professional networks of IT security experts.

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