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JavaScript Unites Microsoft and Google

The rival vendors are partnering to build AngularJS 2.0 on Microsoft's TypeScript language.

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TV-Remote App 'Peel' Gets Connected-Home Commands

Peel users will soon be able to use the TV remote app to command a wide variety of connected-home devices and appliances.

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Android for Work Pushes Google Further Into Enterprise

Google is courting enterprise customers like never before, but it has lacked a proper mobility framework for Android since the OS debuted. Now the company wants to change the game with Android for Work, but could its efforts prove to...

Google is developing a virtual reality version of Android, report says

The OS would power other virtual reality apps, according to the Wall Street Journal

Smartphone dead? Fuel cells offer instant power anywhere

New products hope to succeed where others have failed

Cryptocurrency software bundled with BitTorrent triggers complaints

After updating BitTorrent's uTorrent, some users reported that mining software had appeared on their PCs without their consent

Two indicted for stealing 1 billion email addresses in historic breach

The Vietnamese defendants are accused of using stolen email addresses for a spamming operation

Five takeaways for CIOs from this year's MWC

IoT, security and more affordable smartphones were all hot topics

Visa, MasterCard partner with mobile money providers in Africa

Visa to partner with Bharti Airtel, MasterCard teams with eTranzact

Police arrest man in UK over US Defense Department network intrusion

The intrusion resulted in the contact information of 800 DoD employees being stolen from a satellite communications system

Windows systems are also vulnerable to FREAK attacks

A recently disclosed vulnerability in SSL/TLS implementations also affects Microsoft's Schannel crypto library and Internet Explorer

Uber suspends ride-sharing platform in Seoul

Uber has decided to comply with Korean law, rather than fight it

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DARPA Sets Finalists for 'High-Risk, High-Reward' Robotics Challenge

DARPA has now locked in the list of teams for its Robotics Challenge Finals, noting that the last test will be much harder than those that came before.

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Self-Driving Cars Could Save $190B a Year in Damages and Health Costs

Autonomous vehicles will not only save billions of dollars by reducing deaths and injuries, they will yield $5.6 billion a year because people will have more time to work online instead of driving, according to a report from McKinsey...

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Are Curved TVs Great or Just a Gimmick?

Though there is some science behind the curved screen, reflections, distortions, and huge price tags may leave you bent out of shape.

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It's Time for Windows Users to FREAK Out Over Encryption Bug

Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that Windows was vulnerable to FREAK attacks, and researchers changed their tune, saying Internet Explorer (IE) users were at risk.

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How Developers Make Apps for an Apple Watch They Haven't Seen

Early Apple Watch apps will be simple extensions of iPhone apps, but developers are chomping at the bit to add more features.

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Domain Keywords Used to Spot Phishing Sites

Criminals setting up fake domains for phishing are prone to use the same words over and over and spotting those words can help identify malicious sites, according to a new threat detection model from OpenDNS.

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