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5 new and noteworthy features in iOS Evernote

Evernote 8.0, just released for all iOS devices, declutters the app's interface and makes it easier to create different types of notes, among other enhancements. But the app's stylus support still leaves something to be desired.

cloud computing evolution

Darwinian insights on innovation and competition

Variation, selection and competition are the challenges of navigating today's digital ecosystem of value. Identify the struggle between individuals and competitors to discover tomorrow's game-changers. Innovation is the modern...

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Why timing is everything when it comes to disruption

Timing on any transformation governs its success; it often depends on whether market, ecosystem, customers and vendors are ready for it. Subrata looks at the automobile industry and hybrid cars to see if there are any learning for us...

customer satisfaction

Is customer-centric marketing the way of the future?

Customers are what bring life to every business. Without them, a business will not succeed. That's why there's a consistent increase in marketing efforts targeted specifically for customer attraction and retention.

unconscious bias in recruiting

Unconscious bias hurts more than diversity

Biases don't affect only your ability to hire diverse candidates -- they limit your ability to hire all qualified candidates.


Google positioning to bring smart homes to the mainstream

Google is aggressively pushing its Nest smart home service in Europe, potentially signalling a move of the technology into the mainstream. However, it faces stiff competition in the area and still has many challenges to overcome.

windows spyware

You still can’t turn off Windows 10’s built-in spyware

Microsoft is reducing the data it collects from your Windows 10 PCs, but what does that really mean? Good question. Microsoft isn’t saying.

nvidia shield

Should you buy the new Nvidia Shield TV?

The new TV brings Google Assistant and Amazon Videos to the platform.

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Data science is easy; making it work is hard

Delivering value from data science can be achieved by asking yourself five simple questions.

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Why every company needs to modernize its software factory

Software has played an integral role in business for decades by optimizing the silos of sales, marketing, product development, HR, finance, and so on. But in the digital economy, software isn’t just a mechanism for increasing the...


Has Apple become a boring company?

One former engineer thinks that Tim Cook has made Apple a “boring operations company.” Is it time for Scott Forstall to return to Apple?

agile skills in demand it skills

5 goals your 2017 digital transformation program needs

While digital transformation is a multiyear journey, CIO's have to show success incrementally. Here are five goals that will engage different parts of the organization on the transformation journey.

What software developers really want

When 'off the shelf' software is good enough

Are you about to start customizing a new enterprise application? Stop what you're doing and consider whether there are better uses for your time.


How to get beyond Finance vs. IT

IT leaders need to understand the financial policies that control the way IT buys infrastructure and systems.

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IT and the forever revolution

We live in revolutionary times, and we have to figure out what we are going to do about it.

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No texting in healthcare!

The Joint Commission is clarifying its guidance on text messaging for providers, saying clinicians can use a HIPAA-compliant platform to send messages to each other but can’t text patient care orders. The intent to use computerized...

customers first

The technological foundation for the age of the customer

Technological prowess is essential in the Age of the Customer. Many companies, however, are investing in Big Data, the omni-channel experience, cool apps and more before laying the foundation. Discover the first step you need to take...

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Inevitability of IoT creates new challenges for manufacturers

The big story coming out of CES 2017 is that the IoT is coming to our lives whether we want it or not. The promise of data from the use of all products is motivating manufacturers to include the connectivity even if users do not need...

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