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What happens when ‘Net Neutrality’ becomes ‘Pay-To-Play’?

"Organizing the Women's March on Washington would have been much harder without Net Neutrality. We may not even have been able to afford it."

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Can Google take on Amazon in the cloud computing battle?

Google may well be on the brink of a technological coup d’état. Taking on the big boys in the cloud computing game.

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What the Fox News Bill O’Reilly fiasco teaches businesses

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that there is a lesson to be learned from the Bill O’Reilly Fox News fiasco: The cost of not identifying and eliminating abuse of power is far too high to ignore.

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Fitbit Blaze best wearable for wellness programs

A study finds that Fitbit's fitness watch is the best choice for corporate wellness programs. But how did Apple Watch and Fitbit's Charge 2 fare?

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Why swarm intelligence enhances business and Bitcoin

Can intelligence be amplified by thinking together? Ants do it. Birds do it. What about humans? Collective intelligence is the next wave of intelligence. Swarm intelligence connects systems with real-time feedback loops. Individual...

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Apple’s confusing method of device authorization and association

Why does it have to be so difficult when all you want to do is watch an iTunes video on one of your devices?

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ATSC 3.0: Broadcast's last addressable stand

Commentary on prospects for ATSC 3.0 as an addressable ad medium in the era of streamed live TV

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Digital success: 3 areas where you need to broaden your horizons

Organizations such as Allianz look far beyond the boundaries that defined traditional tech projects

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Corporate culture will always matter

Corporate culture will always matter, regardless of whether you work remotely or in an office.

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To achieve an MVP (minimum viable product) state for IT service management (ITSM), focus on the services that directly provide value to your customers and execute on the requirements found in the ISO/IEC 20000 standard.

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Is there a misalignment between healthcare enterprises and the tech community?

The flow of healthcare investment dollars towards transformative digital health solutions may be overstated.


Information governance for counties and municipalities

Most county and municipal governments don't have formal information governance programs, but adoption of IG would reduce risks, lower costs and vastly improve quality of services in these organizations.

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Are poor communities “redlined” out of AT&T’s fiber-to-the-home service?

AT&T deploys ultra-fast broadband in rich neighborhoods, while poor communities are stuck with slow DSL, researchers claim.

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Who's smartest — Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant?

You won't be shocked to learn that Apple's Siri virtual assistant has the best sense of humor. But you might be surprised to learn which virtual assistant is the smartest—and which one is no. 2 with a bullet.

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How marketers are fighting back against Google's RankBrain and its disruption of the SEO industry

SEO is one of the most volatile aspects of digital marketing, and Google’s RankBrain disrupted SEO even further with machine learning. But as marketers, we are obligated to follow the wave. Is there a way to go against it?

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Why neural networks and deep learning hold the secret to your health

Your daily habits could be interrupted by connected systems enabling access to new processing paradigms. Information processing systems inspired by biological nervous systems may change your diagnosis.

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The state of privacy and security in an ever-evolving world

Privacy and security have evolved. We are seeing various breaches that are devastating organizations. How can you secure your data in a world full of mobile devices, IoT, and the cloud?

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Majority of C-level executives are hopeful about the future of technology

Survey of more than 500 C-level executives in Europe and the U.S. reveals data security and client retention as top priorities.

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