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OpenSUSE comes to Windows 10. Plus, can you trust WhatsApp?

While openSUSE comes to Windows 10 through bash shell, a bug was discovered in WhatsApp.

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How brick-and-mortar stores can beat the likes of Amazon

Online companies like Amazon that can analyze buyer behavior have a major advantage over brick-and-mortar retailers. However, artificial intelligence platforms tied to in-store sensors could eventually even the playing field.

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Fix the IT leadership deficit now

Engagement in IT functions tends to be lower than elsewhere, and it is time for CIOs to act. Leadership capability can be developed if employers help managers to understand why their people are not engaged.

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Hiring a chief artificial intelligence officer (CAIO)

With the intense fervor in the machine learning space, your company may need to appoint an executive to fill the role of chief artificial intelligence officer to identify opportunities you should pursue to deliver new, differentiated...

net neutrality now

Why the FCC's latest net neutrality defense is hollow

The outgoing Democratic chairman of the FCC says 'zero-rated' streaming services from AT&T and Verizon likely violate net neutrality rules, but that might not matter when Republican Ajit Pai takes the reins of the commission later...

Apple, bring back the MacBook Pro 17 and make your laptops great again

Remember the good old days, when you could brag about your MacBook Pro? Apple's latest has disillusioned many fans, but there's an answer: Bring back the beefy MacBook Pro 17. Here's how it could make Apple laptops great again.

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Why Amazon Go presages a new era of smart supermarkets

Will grocery cashiers become obsolete as automation takes over? Amazon Go is headed in that direction.

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How tech pros can build a professional development roadmap

Many experienced IT professionals know what they need to do to advance their career, but simply lack the resources to do so. Especially for technology workers in small to mid-sized organizations, opportunities to acquire management...

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What is driving your strategic intent?

What is your strategic intent? More importantly, what are the key drivers that are influencing the direction you take? And are you going in the right direction? Here is a look at strategic intention and how you can make sure you are...

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CIOs should listen more, say champions of new IT thinking like Joe McKendrick

The wonders of the latest IT innovations are used by a number of IT industry players to sell illusions to CIOs. Joe McKendrick reminds us that it is time to move on to another IT paradigm more in tune with the needs of the business.

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Why we need an overall vision for health IT

Healthcare is a vast, intensely complex ecosystem. In order to make sense off all the variety found in the sector, we can categorize health IT efforts into two segments: organizing the world's medical information, and making the data...

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What will be the most in-demand marketing jobs this year?

As the world of marketing grows bigger with better access to mediums such as the Internet, marketing jobs are becoming more in demand. What jobs will we see more of this year?

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iPad Pro: Do you regret buying the 12.9-inch version?

Apple’s biggest iPad Pro is a fantastic tablet with much to offer any user, but are there folks who regret buying it?

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13 tips for managing the data in Salesforce.com

When family is visiting for the holidays, you need to have a credible ‘urgent project’ to keep you in blissful solitude. Here’s what I did over my Christmas vacation.

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Fitbit app now offers guided Fitstar workouts

Fitbit's updated mobile app now provides recommendations for workouts via the companion Fitstar app, but some features are only available to subscribers.

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Verizon customers won't like these two new tweaks

With the 2017 New Year comes two new (and unfortunate) changes for Verizon Wireless customers.

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2017 transformational technology trends no one is talking about

There is absolutely no doubt that many transformational technology trends that will shape the future of businesses and society as we know it will gain strength and speed in 2017 and will go beyond this year, but many extremely...

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France, you do not own the internet

By trying to extend the right to be forgotten beyond its borders, France is interfering with other nations’ sovereignty.

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