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Young man with virtual reality head mask

VR could help transform remote work

It could get workers ‘into the office’ while remaining in the comfort of their homes.

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Why aren't Digital First banks there yet?

Banks and financial organizations are on the verge of a major transformation. Although late to the party, these organizations are more and more embracing digital revolution and drastically transforming user experience. In this post we...

rsa conference 2017

RSA Conference is a timesaver

For our manager, the annual security gathering is a great way to get quality time with vendors.

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The impact of new digital business models on IT services

On-shoring is becoming more in vogue. Like many U.S. CIOs and their C-suite colleagues, you may be actively exploring how to duplicate or offset the loss of cost benefits from offshore/labor-arbitrage services. I have good news for...

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Apple Watch: Mute Activity app sharing notifications

Activity sharing with your Apple Watch can be a great way to encourage a more active lifestyle, but you can mute notifications via your iPhone if they prove to be too annoying.

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Note to self: Stop taking notes!

Artificial intelligence makes scribbling or typing notes and reminders obsolete. Talk and the notes just happen.

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How a bad board of directors could kill HPE

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that the trouble with HPE stems from its board of directors. Just replacing a CEO, if the board lacks core skills, just changes the problem.

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4 ways IT leaders can get each day off to a strategic start

Give yourself a tremendous mental boost and real strategic advantage by starting your day off right. Use these four simple steps. Find inspiration to create your own additional steps.

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How to stop your smart TV from spying on you

Recent U.S. court rulings have revealed just how much your smart TV knows about you. Here's how to protect your privacy.

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The permanent web for healthcare with IPFS and blockchain

The internet of data structures (IoDS) has arrived for healthcare. IPFS combined with blockchain creates a new layer of the internet. Is your business exploring it?

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Medical professionals provide improved patient care through artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making it possible for clinicians to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

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Healthcare technology experts contemplate the Trump effect

A panel of healthcare technology experts met in San Francisco to explore the new administration's impact on the industry.

Project consolidation continues at The Linux Foundation

AT&T’s ECOMP network virtualization project merges with OPEN-O to create ONAP.

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Top 3 easiest-to-use activity trackers

Don't want a feature-laden wearable that's difficult to use? Check out these three devices, two from Fitbit and one from Garmin, that combine basic activity tracking with ease-of-use.

mac mini

Apple: Transgender bathrooms instead of new Macs?

Once again Apple is busy mouthing off about political issues instead of updating its aging and outdated Mac computers.

transformation leadership

Tip No. 3: Provide coaching and advice as needed

This is a continuation of my series on "Five Tips for Leading Agile Data Management Development Teams." Here, I discuss the third tip: Provide coaching and advice as needed — to both self-managing teams and individual team members.

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Last week's CRM success story started back in 2002

Verizon's CRM program continues to delight customers, 15 years after it began.

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Verizon scores a decisive win in wireless shootout

RootMetrics testing shows that Verizon still offers more speed and reliability than its three major rivals.

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