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How to protect yourself from ATM crime

Banks like Wells Fargo are rolling out much better ATM security. Here's why it won't stop ATM theft.

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The revolution will not be televised - it’ll be computerized

Political campaigns are a stress test of organizing skills. Only candidates who do well in the initial caucuses and primaries proceed in the campaign. It’s essential to organize, raise funds and expand quickly. Systems and...

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How to successfully outsource software development

Outsourcing software development is becoming more popular, but many companies are not doing it very well, and it creates more problems then it solves. Learn how to outsource successfully, so your business can focus on what it is good...

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Why AI should augment, not replace, humans

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that your workforce may not yet be ready for artificial intelligence. First comes trust, education and training.

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Sync for Genes ignites genomics on FHIR

Share your genomic information seamlessly. Sync for Genes lays the foundation for clinico-genomic apps to communicate clinical genomic data between EHR systems. Your access to portable genomic sequencing just got easier.

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If business is great, what’s keeping you up at night?

Since the start of 2017, I have been talking to IT leaders about how they are balancing their expanding roles and what is keeping them up at night. While most enjoy having more input into business strategy, they are also worried about...


Microsoft OneDrive slowness irks Linux users; Netflix supports Linux on Firefox

In this week’s open source wrap, Linux users faced performance issues with Microsoft’s online services, Netflix went official with Linux support, and Gnome introduced night mode to the Linux desktop.

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FCC votes to let phone companies stop robocallers

The Federal Communications Commission approves new rules that will finally make it harder for robocallers to harass you.

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Social determinants: powering the next big leap for healthcare analytics

The next step toward reaching the holy grail of personalized care is harnessing social determinant data. Putting it into practice has its unique set of challenges.

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3 innovative ways to boost blog engagement

Here are some steps to take if your blog is struggling to make a mark despite having a number of good posts.

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Transform your IT from cash-eater to profit-maker with managed IT as a service

How to transform IT in a record time with the ITaaS delivery model.

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Does unconscious bias training really work?

Does Silicon Valley’s latest quick-fix for its diversity problem actually work? Or does it just reinforce biases?

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What a tea ceremony can teach you about leadership

In the western world, the concept of “go faster, do more” has become the default for business operations. By integrating some east Asian cultural wisdom into our practices, each of us can become a more effective leader.

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How Florida Local Government Agencies Collaborate to Improve Citizen Services

Florida local government agencies collaborate through a unique organization to share insights, learnings, and technologies to improve services to its citizens.

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You hate your boss. Now what?

All of us will probably work for at least one extremely difficult person during our careers. An unpleasant working environment can evoke strong emotions and unchecked emotions can damage our careers. Here are some coping strategies...

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Building a strong web of trust in the machine learning age

Businesses must reconcile the promise of machine learning with user privacy.

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Q1s newest CIO appointments

AIG, Sempra Energy, and Yale University are among several organizations that named new CIOs as the first quarter of FY17 comes to a close.

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The biggest data play yet could be coming from a company you've never heard of

A gap exists between those that create data and those that can benefit from that data. A company you may never have heard of, Knoema, is angling to centralize the many disconnected sources of data between the public and private sector....

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