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Data analytics charts on a MacBook Pro laptop [CC0 via Pexels]

tech investments

CIO Career Coach: Create an IT investment culture

Learn how to turn your IT consumers into IT investors in this episode of CIO Career Coach with executive recruiter and CIO.com blogger Martha Heller.

iot security

5 of the biggest cybersecurity risks surrounding IoT development

The Internet of Things is permeating every facet of our lives. It brings with it new cybersecurity risks for developers to consider.

machine learning cloud ai artifical intelligence 3

The 'A' in AI needs to be for accountability

AI needs to be accountable.


4 ways brands use industry news to market to customers

Providing industry news is a great way to keep customers coming back.

marketing automation gears

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

We can all agree that markets and product categories become saturated. Coming up with compelling messages, angles and stories is a challenge, no doubt. But copying the competition is not the path you should choose if you want to stand...

02 crown king queen royalty

The product owner is king

For building valuable software, the product owner is the king of delivery. The product owner determines the efficiency of the product delivered and the benefit to end users. Do not undervalue the importance of a product owner at risk...

recruit dev talent primary

Focusing on professional development

In a market where top talents are hard to find, CIOs and CTOs must develop and implement specific strategic programs for employee professional development.

Road sign with the word Governance on it

Can data governance be agile?

Many organizations are now recognizing the need for data governance but are still struggling with the right way to structure it. A good approach is – be agile!


How you can use DNS lookup to improve your marketing campaigns

Here are some interesting ways to use DNS lookup in your marketing strategy.

artificial intelligence / machine learning / binary code / virtual brain

AI as a way to overcome cognitive bias in physicians

Many kinds of cognitive biases can cloud physicians medical judgement. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, recommendations can emerge that help overcome these biases. In order for AI to be truly useful,...

yacht with red spinnaker at full sail on blue ocean with clouds

Future-proof your business with cloud ERP

why cloud ERP is important to your business success today (and tomorrow)

digital transformation

How computational linguistics went from Cold War communications to transforming enterprise work

The Cold War is often cited as the starting point for the scientific work around natural language processing (NLP) that has since evolved into computational linguistics, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology now in commercial...

Varkey Foundation Ampain Refugee Camp in Western Ghana

How technology is helping education reach refugee children

The world’s first satellite-enabled interactive distance learning project is beaming lessons into a Ghana Refugee Camp.

group of millennials using mobile devices

Creating a Mobile-First Mindset

This is a key moment for IT to embrace becoming the business.

totem power smart city

How smart cities are transforming driving

A fully integrated smart city will relegate the daily commute to one of smooth and effortless travel, reducing human involvement and making getting to work more safer seamless

A job interview gone wrong.

Ask not what your employee can do for you

Companies too often focus on asking what their employees can do for them, without considering the importance of how their workplace policies and actions impact employees.

digital disruption primary4

13 disruption quotes to kick-start your own innovation

Disruption is everywhere...

Driverless cars shift into mobile offices during commute

The CIO and the driverless car

A look at the opportunities and challenges of the platform disrupter: Transportation As A Service (TaaS). While some may think that it does not impact CIOs and IT organizations directly but I believe it does. Definitely something CIOs...

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