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CIOs Need to Understand Every Facet of How Tech Impacts Business

Forrester advises CIOs to focus on winning, serving and retaining customers by keeping the customer at the center of conversations and decisions when crafting a business technology agenda.

CIO and CMO at Omnichannel Crossroads

To determine the state of their often-examined relationship between CIOs and CMOs, this study looked at how each group perceives their role, ownership of the digital roadmap, and responsibility around technology funding and staffing.

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CIOs and CMOs Suffer From Failure to Communicate

The CIO-CMO relationship is taking center stage in the age of the digital customer. It's more important than ever that these two executives join forces. So why can’t they communicate?

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Full-time Health IT Workers Aren't As Happy As Consultants

Despite the benefits and job security, full-time healthcare IT employees are less likely than short-term consultants to say they are 'very satisfied' with their jobs and their pay. This means organizations must toe the line between...

It's a Seller's Market for IT Professionals

In a job market where available IT pros can name their price and are rejecting poor offers, businesses need to step up their game or risk losing out on top talent.

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Business Leaders Who Think Strategically About IT Infrastructure Drive Results

According to a new study by IBM, organizations with a strategic vision for IT infrastructure focused on driving competitive advantage and optimizing revenue and profit tend to significantly outperform their peers.

CIOs Cite Applications and Mobile As Top Areas for IT Budget Increases

Nearly 90 percent of IT executives expect tech spending to either increase or hold steady. And only 12 percent report budget decreases -- the lowest number reported since the inception of the CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook in 2008.

CIO-CMO Marriage Strained, But Can Be Saved

Like any relationship, the one between CIOs and CMOs requires trust and empathy to succeed. According to research from Accenture, there’s still a ways to go for the marriage to become a happy union.

Enterprise Collaboration Will Drive Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is on the menu for most companies this year, but the ingredients needed are still being determined. However, new research highlights the recipes companies are using to evolve internal processes, structure and...

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11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

Offerings in the advanced analytics space are rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of organizations that seek to infuse analytics into decision-making throughout the enterprise. Here are 11 market trends dominating the advanced

C-Suites Struggle With Digital Strategy

Many execs are dissatisfied with how their organizations make decisions about shaping digital business strategy. Will the CIO step up to be the digital pathfinder?

Google Plus Outperforms Twitter (Really)

Marketers who ignore Google Plus are missing a worthwhile opportunity, according to a new report from Forrester. Googles social platform delivers nearly double the engagement rate of Twitter, and yet some large brands continue to be...

CIOs Predict IT Spending to Increase

Mobile apps and tablets are the areas identified most frequently for investment, according to CIO Research's poll of IT executives. However, analytics, cloud and enterprise security spending aren't far behind.

Online Video Beats Social Media in the Enterprise

A new study from Wainhouse Research reports that viewership of live online video for business purposes is more than double that of social media. Total hours of viewership in the enterprise reached 1.12 billion hours last year and...

Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Starting to Pay Off

Businesses are beginning to reap ROI and productivity benefits from consumer technologies such as smartphones and tablets, according to a survey of 1,155 IT decision-makers conducted by IDG Enterprise.

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