World Tech Update - Hacking planes, radioactive recon, smartphone stilts

On WTU this week two US agencies warn airlines about hackers, a robot explores a crippled nuclear power plant in Japan and stilts give virtual worlds steps.


What's on the edge of the Galaxy S6 Edge?'s Al Sacco talks about what users can do with the edge display on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Answer: Not much at the moment.


Google Chromebook Pixel: It's beautiful, powerful, and impossible not to love

Packed with advanced features, the Chromebook Pixel can hold its head high among other high-end flagships, and it's the best Chromebook available, period.


Media Lab project wants to change how you read

Fold from the MIT Media Lab is a new content management system that helps authors add context to their stories in a richer form than hyperlinks.

mobile guilt

Mobile guilt trips lead to distracted workers. Time to unplug?

Does your smartphone or tablet make you feel like you're stealing time from your family when you're working at home and robbing your employer when you sneak in personal business at work? You're not alone, according to recent...


Solo drone has Linux smarts, GoPro mount

The Solo drone from 3D Robotics has preset flight features like the "orbit shot" which will fly around a central point or the "selfie shot" which will fly away from the pilot while keeping him in the frame.


BMW's Mini augmented reality glasses give you X-ray vision

Move over Google Glass, BMW thinks these aviator-inspired goggles are the future of augmented reality for drivers.


Microsoft researchers turn VR into a hands-on experience

Handpose tracks your hand and finger movements in real time using an Xbox One Kinect's depth camera and software developed by Microsoft researchers.

digital transformation

Why digital transformation is a make-or-break proposition

These five business attributes will govern your ability to meet the demands of the Information Generation.

risk management

How risk management leads to increased profit margins

Companies that put a premium on risk management can cope with ever-increasing business risks while seizing opportunities that present themselves.


Amazing bug-sized robots developed in DARPA project

Researchers in Silicon Valley have developed insect-size robots that can manufacture microstructures that are too small and complex to be built by current machinery or by hand. The robots are part of work by SRI International into...

wipe out

Are digital marketers headed for a wipeout?

According to a new report from Forrester, marketers don’t completely understand the technology driving digital marketing.


Your drone flight might be illegal

Drone flying laws in the US won't be defined until 2017, which means that some commercial drone flights might be illegal.


What to expect from your Apple Watch try-on appointment

Schedule an Apple Watch appointment to try the on the Watch, check out a demo of its features, and ask as many questions as you want.

digital dollars

For marketing pros, digital equals dollars

Marketing professionals who bring skills in areas such as SEO, social media, Web design and analytics can demand top dollar. (Includes infographic.)


IT leaders weigh in on Apple Watch

At the Agenda15 conference, Computerworld caught up with two IT leaders to get their opinions on the new Apple Watch and the wearables market.


World Tech Update - Intel shrinks RealSense cameras, Apple pushes online buying, 3D printing in space

On World Tech Update Intel CEO shows a slimmed down version of the company's RealSense 3D cameras, Apple tells customers not to sleep outside its stores and NASA receives the first objects 3D printed in space.


Intel shrinks RealSense camera, targets smartphones

Intel wants to put its RealSense 3D cameras into smartphones and CEO Brian Krzanich showed this slimmed down version in Shenzhen, China.

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