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Study: Untamed analytics will take your business on a wild ride

The potential business benefits of data analytics are great, but the predictive models can also “go awry” and produce unintended consequences if underlying assumptions are faulty or outdated. Companies need a governance strategy to...


6 analytics trends that will shape business in 2016

Deloitte identifies six major trends and market disruptions that will drive C-suite technology investments in 2016.

gig economy

Preparing IT for the ‘gig economy’

In the next 10 years, companies will regularly tap into a vast pool of independent contractors on a pay-as-you-go basis, but CIOs need to get much more involved in setting up the secure IT connections to make it work, researchers say....

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Most Fortune 500 CEOs still sit on social media sidelines

Only 39 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs use social media today, according to a new report, and 70 percent of those who do participate use just one network.

securitiy concerns

5 biggest cybersecurity concerns facing CIOs, CISOs in 2016

Carl Leonard, a principal security analyst for Raytheon's Websense cybersecurity software unit, offers insight into the most serious threats CIOs and CISOs are likely to grapple with this year.

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State of the CIO 2016: It's complicated

The 15th annual State of the CIO report reveals that IT leaders are caught between the demand to ensure functional efficiency and security and the need to drive digital transformation as strategic business partners.

hybrid cloud

Hybrid clouds are hot, SDNs and DevOps coming on strong

Some 80 percent of companies are building hybrid clouds, according to a survey of 3,000 architects and engineers conducted by F5 Networks. Many respondents are also considering building software-defined networks and implementing...


This is how much spear phishing costs companies

New research from messaging security provider Cloudmark and technology research company Vanson Bourne finds that despite spending an average of $319,327 on spear phishing prevention in the past 12 months, an estimated 28 percent of...

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How to profit from your company's 'data streams'

Your company probably generates a lot of real-time data from sensors and other events – data that could be producing new business revenue. This report offers tools to help you wring more value out of data you already produce.

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CDOs in scarce supply at large global companies

Only 6 percent of the top 1,500 global companies have chief digital officers, says consultant PwC. But it doesn’t matter, as the role is largely transitional in nature and the CIO continues to rule IT.

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The year in security, identify theft and fraud

There’s a lot we can say about cybersecurity, identify theft and fraud in 2015, but we’re going to let our infographic tell the story.

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The hottest security certifications, most in-demand skills

While the cyber security skills shortage is a well-worn topic, Cybrary's survey of 435 senior-level technology professionals, conducted from October to December, 2015, offers some interesting insights.

Security in 2015

By the numbers 2015: The year in security research

Security researchers were almost as busy as cybercriminals in 2015. Here are some of the noteworthy numbers of the past year.

Lack of big data talent

Lack of big data talent hampers corporate analytics

Businesses continue to struggle with hiring the talented data scientists they need to manipulate their corporate data for insights, according to new research from consultant A.T. Kearney.

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What are your APIs really worth?

Whether you're selling subscriptions to your APIs or deploying them internally, how do you calculate their worth? This infographic shows you how.

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IT shops will pass the cloud tipping point in 2016, survey finds

An IDG Enterprise survey of IT buyers indicates that, on average, more than half (56 percent) of a company's IT environment will be hosted in the cloud by the end of 2016, up from 44 percent today.

large public cloud

IT pros should focus on largest public cloud providers

Forrester Research predicts large enterprises will shift their focus to public cloud vendors in 2016. It also warns that the market will consolidate around industry stalwarts and IT pros should reformulate their cloud decisions...

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Organizations sloppy about securing privileged accounts

While most companies have processes in place for managing administrative and other privileged accounts -- the sorts of credentials frequently used in high-profile data breaches for the past several years -- most do a poor job of...

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