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Millennials are most likely to pay for loyalty programs

Millennials use loyalty programs, including paid plans, more than other generations, according to a recent survey, but Gen Xers and Boomers are also starting to see value in premium programs such as Amazon Prime.

unified communcation

Cloud services will drive UC&C spending

IT leaders say they plan to invest in unified communication and collaboration over the next two years and they expect both hosted and hybrid-cloud adoption to significantly increase. (Download our exclusive research and view our...

customer service

Millennials skip traditional customer service for online troubleshooting

Waiting on hold for customer service is mostly a thing of the past. Millennials are increasingly looking to online searches, live chat and social media to troubleshoot technical issues, and both Gen X-ers and Boomers are following...

it bogeyman

IT is not the bogeyman it used to be

New research from CompTIA finds rogue IT is on the decline as business units recognize the value the IT team brings to security and integration.

mobile apps smartphone

Facebook and Google dominate time spent with mobile apps

Facebook and Google apps claim more of U.S. users' time than any other downloads, and they account for more than three times the total number of minutes spent with all enterprise apps, according to a new report.

retaining millennials

Attracting millennials starts with digital tech

A recent survey on corporate branding suggests marketing leaders are missing the boat by failing to embrace digital technologies in their efforts to attract millennial workers.

cio spending

CIO poll reveals a sharp increase in IT spending

The latest CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook survey reports that the majority of IT leaders will increase spending on new projects in the coming year.

trust in marketing

How to win mobile customers in the ‘Game of Trust'

Think the 'Game of Thrones' is bloody? For mobile marketers, conquering customers in the Game of Trust can be a brutal high-stakes battle.

millennial business

Millennials bring consumer shopping tactics to corporate buying

An IBM study of more than 700 people who make corporate buying decisions, including Gen-Xers, people from Gen-Y and millennials, sheds light on notable differences in their motivations to make corporate purchases and offers valuable...

mobile moment

How marketers can seize the mobile moment

If you think responsive Web design meets your customers' needs, you better think again (and think fast). Mobile users are on the move and want answers quickly. Treating mobility like an extension of your Web presence won’t cut it.

personalized marketing

Content marketers need to get (really) personal

The good news for marketing tech pros is that customers want personalized service both in-store and online. The downside is that they want to see only what's relevant to them and they will punish brands that don't deliver this. What’s...

it communication trouble thinkstock

Communication between IT and non-IT workers in a state of crisis

Results from the CIO Executive Council’s ‘Power of Effective IT Communication’ benchmark survey indicate that IT teams lack the talent to communicate. This results in a state of crisis between IT and non-IT employees, which could...

digital markerting challenges

Digital marketers face a suite challenge

Less than half of enterprise marketing software suite customers say they are ‘totally satisfied,’ according to a new Forrester report – not great news for a technology that plays a key role in your company's digital marketing...

smart workplace

LinkedIn survey details 'new norms at work'

A recent survey of LinkedIn users aims to gauge modern perceptions about the 'new norms' within the workplace. The findings spotlight some interesting differences between male and female workers, among other things.

Picture of a sign that says Women Who Code

9 programming languages and the women who created them

From the dawn of mainframes through today, women have designed and developed programming languages that have had significant, lasting impact on software development

mobile guilt

Mobile guilt trips lead to distracted workers. Time to unplug?

Does your smartphone or tablet make you feel like you're stealing time from your family when you're working at home and robbing your employer when you sneak in personal business at work? You're not alone, according to recent...

digital transformation

Why digital transformation is a make-or-break proposition

These five business attributes will govern your ability to meet the demands of the Information Generation.

risk management

How risk management leads to increased profit margins

Companies that put a premium on risk management can cope with ever-increasing business risks while seizing opportunities that present themselves.

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