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Video/Webcast | Presented by Workday

Analytics in the Cloud: A Better Path to Big Data Success

Organizations are transforming the way they do business, and in the process creating more and more data. The challenge is extracting actionable insights from this data to make better decisions, improve operations, and spur innovation.

Avoid Failure in Self-Service Analytics: Strategies to Ensure Success with Your Data

Join us for this informative webinar to discover strategies and techniques that will encourage the creativity and analytical curiosity of your self-service community and ensure the information that your organization uses is consistent and trustworthy.

White Paper | Presented by Double-Take

Carbonite DoubleTake Cloud Migration Center

The risk and downtime associated with server migration have prevented many IT organizations from making the move to cloud. Some have valid concerns about cloud lock-in. Still, without cloud, IT teams are less agile, less flexible, and less able to meet the demands of their business. With so much C-suite awareness of the cloud competitive edge, IT can no longer avoid taking this step.

White Paper | Presented by Double-Take

Carbonite DoubleTake Move

The risk and downtime of server migration have locked many IT teams into platforms that are no longer ideal. Migrations are often delayed or avoided - whether it's moving data to the cloud or back on premises, or upgrading the hardware of the database software. This results in lost opportunities, unnecessary costs, and a lack of agility that today's IT teams can no longer afford.

Cloud Migration Trends: A Clear Path to Agile UC&C Strategies for the Always-On Enterprise

According to IDG's most recent Cloud Computing study, cloud continues to expand as a significant force fortifying the always-on enterprise. In fact, 28% of total IT spending is earmarked for cloud investments and it's having an enabling impact on communication and collaboration, especially when it comes to agility and affordability.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Nyansa

Demystifying Network Analytics: A Primer

Analytics are everywhere. But like the cloud, the meaning of the term and the value of the technology is ambiguous at best. How can network managers learn more about emerging developments in network analytics technology? This webinar explores the use of network analytics to help network managers get the most value out of network data, for optimizing end user performance from access to application. Join Live Thursday, May 25, 2017, 02:00 PM EDT.

Introducing Microservices to an Organization

Technologists in all industries are excited about the potential benefits offered by microservice architecture. However, many implementers struggle to identify a firm starting point on the road to microservice success.

White Paper | Presented by Zapproved, Inc

IT Buyer's Guide to Z-Discovery by Zapproved: Intuitive E-Discovery Software for Corporate Legal Teams

As an IT professional, how do you choose the right e-discovery software for your company? The journey begins with understanding how well a solution fits into your technology ecosystem.

White Paper | Presented by Zapproved, Inc

Microsoft Office 365: Best Practices to Simplify & Streamline E-Discovery

The duty to preserve does not cease when an organization migrates data systems. In fact, not only does the duty persist, but it becomes more complex. Corporate legal teams must collaborate with IT to define a migration plan with processes that defensibly preserve data despite the complexity of a hybrid data world with half in the cloud and half on premise.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Nutanix

Prepare for your digital transformation with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform and Hyperconvergence

Companies are increasingly investing in digital transformation initiatives to transform customer engagement, internal operations, and business models. Cloud computing and hyperconvergence is becoming the fundamental technology engine for digital transformation strategies. The use of cloud computing offers the promise of greater scale, automation, and agility for current enterprise application workloads and new distributed applications.

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