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White Paper | Presented by Cylance

251% ROI Achieved by Preventing Cyber Attacks

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact study to examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying CylancePROTECT and ThreatZero. The study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact Cylance can have on their organization. (Source Forrester)

White Paper | Presented by Cylance

Advanced Threat Prevention Test

Cylance commissioned AV-TEST to perform an advanced threat prevention test of enterprise endpoint protection software and show prevention capabilities of new and unknown malicious executables. CylancePROTECT was tested against five competing endpoint products. This report summarizes the results.

Data Sheet | Presented by Cylance

Artificial Intelligence vs. Attempted Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning only recently entered the world of cybersecurity, yet many more established vendors now claim they embed machine learning in their solutions. As a result, the hype around artificial intelligence and machine learning has created market confusion. Seeking clarity? Look no further. Cylance can help.

Case Study | Presented by Cylance

Cape PLC Protects Power Grid from Ransomware With Cylance

Despite having a market-leading AV solution in place, when Cape was hit by a sizable ransomware attack their urgency to find a solution increased. CylancePROTECT was able to deliver a state of prevention so that Cape now experiences "zero incidents of ransomware and zero-days, and zero down time".

White Paper | Presented by Cylance

Manage Cyber Risk and Reduce Organizational Friction

Cybercriminals today target organizations and unleash a torrent of malicious files and attacks that flood an enterprise until a breach occurs. The future of information risk requires gaining a level of understanding and a new model for assessing conditions moving forward.

Case Study | Presented by Cylance

Phoenix Children's Hospital Cures Ransomware with Cylance

Phoenix Children's IT security team are responsible for protecting 5,000 endpoints in the hospital and across more than 20 clinics in the region. Learn what happened just hours after CylancePROTECT was deployed across all endpoints and Phoenix Children's Hospital had enabled full threat prevention.

Manage Risk by Protecting the Apps and Data that Drive Business Productivity

View this infographic to discover the security strategies needed to overcome the challenges of securing a business environment transformed by technologies such as cloud and new workforce requirements such as mobility, BYO and third-party talent.

Security Tech: Out with the old, in with the new!

The report conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Citrix, "The Need for a New IT Security Architecture: Global Study" looked at global trends in IT security risks and reasons why security practices and policies need to evolve<br/>in order to handle threats from disruptive technologies, cybercrime and compliance mandates. View this infographic for more information!

White Paper | Presented by Citrix Systems

The Need for a New IT Security Architecture: Global Study

The Need for a New IT Security Architecture: Global Study sponsored by Citrix and conducted by Ponemon Institute reveals global trends in IT security risks and reasons why security practices and policies need to evolve in order to deal with threats from disruptive technologies, cyber crime and compliance. Changes in the workplace and problems managing IT security are also increasing risks to the organization.

Before and After Next-gen: Cybersecurity Considerations that Transcend Paradigm Shifts

The concept of a paradigm shift has been used to frame the enormity of fundamental changes in IT and compute models, as has been the case with the web, the client-server model before it, and so on. This paper explores the meta trends that make cybersecurity increasingly challenging and offers considerations for the evaluation of effective and operationally efficient security systems that can transcend paradigm shifts.

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