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White Paper | Presented by GE Power

7 Ways to Achieve Operations Reliability with APM

Things are happening to your assets that you can't see - things that can stop operations at the worst possible time. What you need is a bird's eye view coupled with drill-down alerts before an issue leads to production downtime.

White Paper | Presented by tCell

It's Not You; It's Your WAF. How To Make AppSec Easy

Web app firewalls have the right idea - protect apps in production from attacks, but the execution is all wrong. It bogs down Security Teams with false alarms. We need to rethink how we approach application security. It's more than just a firewall and easier than perfect coding. It's time for the application to protect itself.

Video/Webcast | Presented by TITUS

LIVE WEBCAST: Transform Your Organizational Security Culture

Successful digital transformation requires organizations to keep up with an unprecedented pace of change. Collaboration tools may help employees meet the challenge, but do workers understand the value of the information they are sharing, and more importantly, their role in protecting it?

KnowledgeVault | Presented by Veracode

Application Security KnowledgeVault

Protecting data from outside hackers is a tough enough problem. But did you know you may be be building vulnerabilities into your applications? Watch this Knowledge Vault from Veracode to learn the scope of the problem, and what you can do to assure your apps - and organization - are secure.

Video/Webcast | Presented by ServiceNow

Best Practices for Addressing Vulnerabilities

Discover best practices for how to respond to new high-profile vulnerabilities.

Case Study: How 99tests Was Able to Easily and Securely Deliver a Crowd-Sourced Application

99tests offers a cloud-based, crowd-sourced testing platform where users can be anywhere in the world. Providing secure, simple, and convenient remote access was a key challenge. Read the case study to see how the Akamai helped 99tests provide simple, secure access to their application.

White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow

Forrester: Rules of Engagement

As the remediation costs, customer impacts, and reputational damage of a data breach continue to skyrocket, the security industry must find new ways to prevent the exfiltration of proprietary data by cybercriminals and other malicious actors. This report is a call to action for developing more automated threat response processes and a set of cyber rules of engagement.

Painless, Secure Third-Party Access

Companies use outside resources more than ever to stay competitive and it is essential that outside contractors and suppliers have access to specific enterprise applications to be productive. Yet, traditional access methods, such as VPNs, are cumbersome and put enterprises at risk. Read this solution brief to learn about a new painless, secure approach to remote access.

The Most Dangerous Threat is the One You Can't See

Visibility into the network is critical to securing the complex enterprise. Organizations need to see who is on their network and what they are doing to identify suspicious behaviors that could signify an attack. Visit this Solution Center to learn more!

White Paper | Presented by Intel Security

Bust the myth of the malware "silver bullet."

"Silver bullet" solutions might provide initial malware relief. But they'll never protect endpoints from emboldened cybercriminals like a coordinated security platform will. Only our endpoint defense combats emerging threats while simplifying your security operations. All, with traditional protection, advanced analytics, and containment throughout the threat lifecycle. Read the white paper.

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