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Case Study | Presented by Smartling

Leading Global Hotel Operator Has Another First-Mover Advantage: Agile Translation

IHG first deployed Smartling for a small number of languages and preferred brands, and is now rolling out the platform across the enterprise. Learn more about how IGH utilized Smartling to help with its agile transition.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

Public Safety Departments & Text Messaging

In this report, Smarsh examines how public safety agencies can create policies that allow for compliant use of SMS/text messaging, and how to retain and archive those communications for a more efficient response to open records requests.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

The Public Sector Guide to Social Media Strategy and Policy 2017 Edition

This guide contains practical steps that will help public sector agencies and departments develop a social media strategy and policy to gain maximum value from social media efforts. It also outlines some smart records retention practices-so you'll be better prepared to respond to open records requests.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

The Public Sector Guide to Text Messaging Policy and Retention 2017 Edition

This guide contains practical steps that will help public sector organizations and departments develop a text message policy and retention strategy to protect against the risk involved with use of this popular, universal form of communication. Download now and be better prepared to respond to open records requests.

At-Risk Data in the Cloud: 3 Strategies to Stop the Data Bleed

Be it malicious or well-intentioned, the most hazardous use of 'Shadow IT' is probably the simplest. Storing files in the cloud using cloud-sync applications is common practice for backing up or sharing files with co-workers. While these tools are believed to be secure, the true point of failure is the 'Insider Threat,' and only true visibility and a preventive approach can unmask the threat and mitigate the risk.

Get the Mobile Risk Matrix

Your organization's sensitive data has made the mobile ecosystem the new frontier for a wide spectrum of risk that every CISO must now understand. Take a deep dive into all twelve elements of the Mobile Risk Matrix in the interactive table below.

Healthtech and Security: Sharing and Safeguarding Patient Data

The importance of data protection in modern healthcare is indisputable. The problem of sharing - and simultaneously safeguarding - patient data must be recognized as a business issue, not a technology issue. Download Aberdeen Group's HealthTech study now to learn why data protection must be the primary driver behind current technology investments in the healthcare sector.

On-Demand Webinar: The Spectrum of Mobile Risk

The world has changed. Yesterday everyone had a managed PC for work and all enterprise data was behind a firewall. Today, mobile devices are the control panel for our personal and professional lives. This change has contributed to the single largest technology-driven lifestyle change of the last 10 years.

Report: The Mobile Enterprise: Where the Risk is Bigger Than Malware and Phishing

Read the "Spectrum of Mobile Risk" data-based report which will provide you a comprehensive overview of the real-world risk landscape facing organizations like yours. You'll learn the types of mobile threats and vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk, how app behaviors and configurations pose an unseen risk to your enterprise and how to begin evaluating your organization's spectrum of risk today.

Three Ways Device Analytics Validate Technology Investment in Classrooms

Learn three important ways that integrating device analytics into your technology plans can help your school gain visibility into how your students and teachers interact and use their devices.

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