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White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

How Technology Helps SMBs to Maximize the Value of Ideas

In an increasingly competitive environment, ideas can differentiate businesses and fuel their growth. SMBs need to get behind ideas and the people that create them. They can do that by encouraging a culture in which ideas thrive, and by giving people the tools they need to shape, share, and sell their ideas.

Smart, Optimized, Connected

Navigating the evolving threat landscape with a more complete approach to network security.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

The Security Challenge for SMBs in a Mobile World

There's a big change happening in how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) think about IT security as they take advantage of mobility and the cloud. They're recognizing the need for mobile device management (MDM), cloud security, and the importance of choosing the right devices.

Using Trend Micro's Hybrid Cloud Security Solution to Meet PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

This paper examines the applicability of Trend Micro's Hybrid Cloud Security Solution, specifically the Deep Security platform, to secure Payment Card Industry (PCI) data in accordance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2 when used in physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

White Paper | Presented by Sapho

Are You in Denial About Approval Requests?

A typical manager works 47 hours1 a week. Meetings swallow nearly half that time. Emails eat another quarter. That leaves just 15 hours a week to get actual work done. How much of that time will you spend simply catching up on the backlog of administrative requests awaiting your approval? Probably more than you think.

White Paper | Presented by Sapho

Make Your Organization More Effective with Micro Apps

With more than 2 million mobile apps to choose from, most of us have installed at least 40 of them on our smartphones. Downloads from the Apple App Store alone surpassed 100 billion last year - and that number is expected to double in 2017.

White Paper | Presented by Sapho

The Future of Work: Modernizing Enterprise Applications with Sapho

In today's business world, organizations run on software. Sales representatives use a CRM solution to input leads; development teams use project tracking software to monitor product releases; human resources departments use HCM solutions to handle people-related tasks; facilities teams use services management solutions to maintain operation of facilities; and this list goes on.

White Paper | Presented by BlueLock LLC

A Two-Pronged Approach to Locking Down IT Security

A single security breach can cause permanent damage to a company's reputation - and relationship with consumers. Proactive measures, such as identity and access management controls, can minimize the impact of a breach. But what happens in the aftermath of an attack? Read on to discover how the right disaster recovery strategy can get your systems up and running in no time.

Managed Network Services Checklist

A global wide-area network should guarantee your company a consistently high-quality user experience anywhere in the world. Here are some key issues to explore with prospective service providers.

Masergy's Managed SD-WAN

A global WAN should guarantee your company a consistently high-quality user experience anywhere in the world. This comprehensive checklist includes the 5 areas of technical leadership you'll want your WAN supplier to possess and the questions you should ask to determine whether they have it.

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