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White Paper | Presented by GlobalSCAPE

Three Common Data Management Problems & How to Fix Them

Knowing the location of your data plays a crucial role with keeping it secure. When you find yourself jumping through hoops in order to protect, monitor, or report on your data, then you're not getting the most out of your IT infrastructure. Is your current IT infrastructure helping you-or hurting you?

White Paper | Presented by GlobalSCAPE

Three Mistakes IT Makes That Could Cost Your Organization Millions

From maintenance to troubleshooting, managing ongoing IT projects and overseeing resolutions on outages or system failures, there's often little time for future project planning. However, when details get lost in the shuffle, that's when costly mistakes happen. These are systematic failings that many IT organizations make- often needlessly.

White Paper | Presented by GlobalSCAPE

When Downtime Takes a Bite Out of Your Budget

When it comes to downtime, you need to ask yourself, "Can I afford to lose my mission critical resources and processes- even if only for a few minutes?" Downtime can easily take a huge bite of your budget without the right data management strategy and solutions in place.

White Paper | Presented by GlobalSCAPE

Your Data in the Cloud: Steps to a Seamless Migration

Having a functional IT infrastructure is not the same as having an efficient, reliable, or secure IT environment- which is why 90 percent of organizations are looking at moving away from their legacy systems and into crafting a cloud strategy, according to Gartner. Legacy IT infrastructures often lead to higher costs as a result of increased deficiencies including security vulnerabilities, process interruptions, or system unreliability.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Digital Innovation through Agile Integration

The ability to integrate APIs from multiple sources is critical to success. New approaches to enterprise integration, backed by flexible, cloud-ready technologies, are necessary. Agile integration, an architectural approach, combines agile methods and practices with technologies for the purpose of rapidly integrating applications and data.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Flytoget finds new opportunities with a modern infrastructure

Flytoget AS, a publicly owned transportation company in Norway, deployed Red Hat JBoss Fuse with 3scale API Management Platform to create a highly adaptable and reliable foundation for its modernization efforts.

Keys to Success with Private Cloud

Are you tasked with increasing agility and productivity while cutting costs? Many organizations are turning to the cloud, but sifting through the hype and the many cloud options is no easy task. Listen to expert advice on private cloud and its benefits, including cost reduction, security, and increased control and performance.

The Innovator's Guide to Modern Note Taking

Our notes are the gatekeepers to discovery. From alternating current to the lithium battery, the flick of a pen is often the first stage of every great idea, but how many other great discoveries and connections have we missed, simply because we didn't write something down? In this paper, learn how to utilize effective note taking to maximize your productivity.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Pure Storage

Enabling IT in the Cloud Era

Digital transformation is imperative in business today in order stay competitive and meet customer demands. Key to a successful digital transformation is ensuring accessible, scalable and secure data. Join CIO's discussion with Yousuf Khan, CIO at Pure Storage, to hear survey results and valuable advice on driving innovation with data.

How To Assess Cloud Readiness Through A Rapid Objective Analysis w/ guests from Forrester & Microsoft

While the decision to move to the cloud is no longer in question, strategies differ extensively. Market drivers, risk tolerance and preparation all impact the velocity of your cloud journey.

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