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eBook | Presented by Red Hat

Microservices vs. Service-Oriented Architecture

Using a container application platform for the deployment of microservices will allow you to truly see the benefit of breaking up application logic into logical individual components. As your application grows in usage and demand, using this approach will allow you to quickly scale the most utilized components instead of scaling the entire application.

eBook | Presented by Red Hat

Platform-As-A-Service, Devops, and Application Integration

App demands are increasing, but the availability of resources is not. You need more apps faster, but you have to work with the resources and skills you have. According to a recent IDG research study for CIO, 92% of enterprise IT decision makers (ITDM) want to speed up application demand and delivery to meet increasing demand.

eBook | Presented by Appwright

Working Smarter & Thinking Forward: AppWright JobCenter.

This eBook dives into information about what makes AppWright's JobCenter the premier tool in raising productivity for businesses.

eBook | Presented by Red Hat

Achieving Enterprise Agility with Microservices and API Management

This e-book explores how application programming interface (API) management can be deployed to support a microservices architecture and achieve enterprise agility.

eBook | Presented by Red Hat

E-book: Winning in the API Economy

Win in the API economy. Use software and APIs to transform your business, drive revenues, broaden distribution, and unleash innovation.

eBook | Presented by Red Hat

The API Owner's Manual

Learn how successful API programs are built and managed, along with best practices that help enable success. Examples of successful API programs are highlighted; including Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Netflix, Pingar, SendGrid, Slice, Stripe, and Twilio.

eBook | Presented by CatchPoint Systems

China Web Performance Analysis - Q2, 2017

China is a massive growth opportunity for online brands, but regulation and limited performance data makes delivering a quality user experience to Chinese consumers challenging. Catchpoint has built out an extensive monitoring network in China and conducted detailed performance tests and analysis of the world's top brands in China's largest cities.

eBook | Presented by Avere Systems

High-performance File System Solutions for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

Amazon Web Services' (AWS) public cloud and the Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS (Network Attached Storage) platform offer a powerful solution that can help simplify, while also driving innovation with high-performance storage access and the flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for your business. Read this eBook to learn how enterprise data storage and management is becoming increasingly complex and what you can do about it.

2017 Trends: SD-WAN Advances Towards Mainstream Adoption

As SD-WAN adoption continues to gain ground and go mainstream in 2017, the majority of initial enterprise deployments will be hybrid, leveraging both MPLS and a complement of broadband connectivity. Many enterprises already have some level of broadband connectivity to branch and remote locations, but these links often remain idle or are relegated to backup or disaster recovery (DR).

6 Ways to Improve Your Network Security with SD-WAN

With the right SD-WAN solution, broadband internet service are secure enough for the enterprise. Read this eBook to learn six ways to use a secure SD-WAN solution to improve network security and compliance.

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