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White Paper | Presented by AppDirect

5 Best Practices for Growing Your Microsoft Cloud Revenue and Profitability

Whether you're a current Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP) or are considering adding Microsoft Office 365 to your cloud services offering, these best practices can help you understand what it takes to effectively plan for and scale your cloud business. It requires careful planning and execution of the right go-to-market strategy for your business.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Buyer's Guide

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools are quickly becoming one of the core components of a modern security strategy. This buyer's guide helps security teams identify the right EDR solution and understand its potential impact by highlighting 15 key questions that should be asked before making an investment.

White Paper | Presented by Red Canary

Endpoint Detection and Response Buyer's Guide: 15 Questions Banking & Financial Firms Need to Answer

This buyer's guide highlights 15 questions every financial services security team should ask before making an EDR investment. Use this guide to understand how an EDR solution can enhance your security posture and educate yourself on key EDR capabilities in order to choose solution that's right for your organization.

White Paper | Presented by SOTI

Enterprise Mobility Management Keeping the IoT "in service"

Field service and transportation organizations were early adopters of mobile technology. Today, new technology such as smart machines, augmented reality and connected vehicles are revolutionizing the industry. But they, and the IoT in general, are creating many new challenges.

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Evolving Your Business with IoT: Six Steps to Digital Transformation

This white paper details the six steps to digital transformation with IoT, and includes an overview of industry trends that are driving this exciting space.

White Paper | Presented by TechData & HPE

How Gamification Is Changing Chores and Homework

Will generations grow up without getting a physical sticker or star or checkmark for feeding the dog or taking out the trash? It's possible. There is no reason to believe that our reliance on technology will slow down any time soon, especially with the younger generation.

White Paper | Presented by TechData & HPE

How IoT Will Impact Our Society

Some call the Internet of Things (IoT) the Intelligence of Things or the Internet of Everything. By whatever name, futurists say it heralds the moment when sensor-driven data connects everything to everything else and artificial and human intelligence become a seamless whole - the planet and virtually everything in and on it transformed into a single, thinking entity.

White Paper | Presented by TechData & HPE

Invest In The Right Flash Solution

You're looking at flash storage because you see it's taking the storage world by storm. You're interested in accelerating business-critical applications, consolidating a virtual server or desktop deployment, trying to get ahead of your company's data onslaught, or some combination of the above.

White Paper | Presented by Red Canary

MDR vs MSSP: 8 Common Questions and Answers

How does Managed Detection and Response (MDR) compare to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)? Find out in this guide that explains the void MDR fills in detecting and responding to advanced threats. These eight questions and answers will help you understand key differences when comparing MDR against the traditional outsourcing option of MSSPs.

White Paper | Presented by Red Canary

MDR vs MSSP: 8 Common Questions and Answers for Banking & Financial Organizations

Rapid threat detection and response capabilities are critical for financial services organizations. That's why many have turned to Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions to stop threats that have bypassed other security controls. This guide walks through eight questions to help security teams understand how MDR impacts their security program and how MDR differs from traditional offerings from Managed Security Service Providers.

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