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Video/Webcast | Presented by Carbon Black

The Rise of Malware-Less Attacks: How Can Endpoint Security Keep Up?

Traditional antivirus (AV) solutions no longer stop advanced attacks. Modern attackers can easily get their hands on the static and highly predictable prevention models used by legacy AV vendors, which means they can reliably find ways to bypass them. Unfortunately, many emerging "next-gen" vendors are using approaches that fall victim to the same fundamental flaw.

Achieving Digital Transformation through Cloud-Based Data and Analytics Services

How are CIOs managing the new demand for self-service data with stringent requirements for data security? Hear insights from IDC analyst Dan Vesset in this short video.

Building a Monitoring Approach for Today's Infrastructures To Deliver a Superior Experience

Delivering differentiated and superior application experience is necessary in today's economy. This application experience is powered by the underlying IT infrastructure. The performance of infrastructure can make or break your experience as compared with competition. Proactively managing infrastructure performance has never been more important.

Video/Webcast | Presented by OpenText

Is Your Case Management Strategy Helping or Hurting your Business Operations?

View this OpenText webinar featuring share strategies that companies are adopting to deploy case management. Benefits of case management, and why this is a hot topic now, will be presented. Attendees will hear about the platform components and deployment approach of a successful case management project.

Modern Network Performance Monitoring for Software-Defined Data Centers

CA Performance Management 3.0 enhanced by CA Virtual Network Assurance 2.0 bridges the gaps that exist in today's infrastructure management as networks become more complex based on Cisco ACI.

Omnichannel Trends and Business Impacts

You have a strategy in place, and now it just got that much better. Consider the power of Dimension Data and Genesys. The Genesys call centre platform has enabled you to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across all channels, and Dimension Data is now taking this to the next level.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Dyn Inc.

The Future of Internet Resiliency

Recent events have made clear the scale, complexity, and (especially) volatility of the internet is on the rise. As enterprises migrate infrastructure and services to the cloud and increase reliance on public internet for internal and external connectivity, DNS's role has expanded. View this webcast to learn strategies for high-availability at the DNS layer.

What's New in CA Performance Management 3.0?

CA Performance Management 3.0 along with CA Virtual Network Assurance 2.0 continues to extend operator visibility to proactively and efficiently ensure the performance of traditional, cloud and SDN enabled networks. Together, they provide the most comprehensive network and analytics platform for high scalability at low cost with easy insight into modern network performance and business service integrity.

5 Steps Towards Autonomous IT Operations with HPE Operations Bridge

Digital divide, digital enterprise, and transformation all impact your IT, especially as business teams demand more with less. It hasn't been so daunting for numerous customers who have evolved their operations using our HPE Operations Bridge software. Would you like learn how to reduce MTTR by 58%? Would you like to perform 50% more work with the same IT Operations staff? Join us to learn how to do that, and who already has.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Nureva

Collaboration Tools for Innovation Driven Businesses

Recommendations for Achieving True Workplace Collaboration.

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