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Building a Monitoring Approach for Today's Infrastructures To Deliver a Superior Experience

Delivering differentiated and superior application experience is necessary in today's economy. This application experience is powered by the underlying IT infrastructure. The performance of infrastructure can make or break your experience as compared with competition. Proactively managing infrastructure performance has never been more important.

Managing the Software Defined World

In today's application-driven business, IT can operate at a competitive speed only if services, applications, systems and networks become more agile. Virtualization and the cloud have decreased the speed of application and system deployments to minutes and seconds. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) bring agility to the network domain but will stretch network processes.

Managing Tomorrow's Networks - The Impact of SDN and Network Virtualization on Network Management

Software-defined networking (SDN) has the potential to be the most disruptive technology the networking industry has seen in a generation. While SDN and related technologies, such as network virtualization and network functions virtualization (NFV), offer both enterprises and network service providers the opportunity to make their networks more agile, automated, and transformative for the business, there are many unanswered questions.

Modern Network Performance Monitoring for Software-Defined Data Centers

CA Performance Management 3.0 enhanced by CA Virtual Network Assurance 2.0 bridges the gaps that exist in today's infrastructure management as networks become more complex based on Cisco ACI.

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Reducing Complexity, Increasing Visibility of SDN/NFV Networks

To remain competitive in the application economy, organizations must deploy mobile and cloud-based apps that change 1) the way they create products and deliver services, and 2) how they market and sell these products and services. However, success requires changing the underlying IP infrastructure.

What's New in CA Performance Management 3.0?

CA Performance Management 3.0 along with CA Virtual Network Assurance 2.0 continues to extend operator visibility to proactively and efficiently ensure the performance of traditional, cloud and SDN enabled networks. Together, they provide the most comprehensive network and analytics platform for high scalability at low cost with easy insight into modern network performance and business service integrity.

Modern Network Performance Monitoring Virtual Summit

Behind the hype of modern technologies like cloud and software-defined networking (SDN) is a complexity that most network operations teams may not be ready for. While the business pushes for modern technologies to drive competitive advantage, network teams need an advance monitoring approach that not only unlocks the full benefits of new network architectures but simplifies monitoring and management.

Amazon Web Services Provides Guidance on How to Take Control of Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Applications

While nearly every enterprise is using cloud infrastructure and applications to some extent, few are getting maximum value from their cloud spend. Implementing cloud technology seems simple on the surface, but it takes practice to truly master the use of clouds. No one knows this better than Amazon Web Services, one of the leading public cloud providers.

Case Study: How ILG Paints a Picture-Perfect View of Member Experience

Delivering and maintaining a positive member experience is paramount for ILG, a leading global provider of membership and leisure services to the vacation industry. To achieve this, a multifaceted view is required-one that can be shared across its DevOps teams.

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DevOps and Agile Operations: Insights From the Experts

Nearly any DevOps discussion will highlight the transformation development teams undergo as they evolve from the sequential design of waterfall methods to adopt the iterative, agile approach of scrum methods. It's no wonder as it is dramatic, exciting and delivers impressive results. However, what is mentioned less often, but is equally dramatic, is the shift IT Operations teams must negotiate.

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