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eBook | Presented by CyberArk Software

CyberArk eBook - Achieving Protection and Productivity by Securing Privilege on the Endpoint

Local administrator rights and application control are better together. Removing local administrator rights can mitigate the risk of some endpoint attacks, but not all. For more effective endpoint protection, organizations should employ a combination of privilege management and application control.

CyberArk Labs - Analyzing Ransomware and Potential Mitigation Strategies

CyberArk Labs blocked 100% of the ransomware tested across 157,000 samples. How? By greylisting unknown applications, creating policies to restrict access, and protecting sensitive assets inside the organization. A smart approach.

CyberArk Solution Brief - Protect Against Pass-The-Hash Attacks

In a Microsoft report, a primary recommendation for mitigating Pass-the-Hash attacks states "restrict and protect local accounts with administrative privileges". Download the Solution Brief and learn how CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager can mitigate Pass-the-Hash attacks.