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White Paper | Presented by Citrix Systems

10 essential elements for a secure enterprise mobility strategy

With enhanced mobility and work flexibility comes increased security risk. Explore the security implications and capabilities of the major mobile OS platforms and learn more about best practices to fortify security while supporting productivity.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix Systems

8 Steps to Fill the Mobile Enterprise Application Gap

While personal mobile devices are flooding the workplace, equally challenging is the influx of consumer-grade mobile apps. We call this the "enterprise app gap" and you need to know about the risks it brings to your organization.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

A Practical Guide to Understand and Benefit from the Consumerization of IT

This guide explores the realities of IT Consumerization to define challenges and opportunities. Learn best practices and get actionable recommendations.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix Systems

Best Practices in Choosing, Implementing and Using MDM and EMM

Mobility and security specialists are carefully considering enetrprise mobility management solutions. In this report Garner takes a look at best practices for evaluating and selecting an EMM solution.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Cloud Benefits for the IT Service Management Market

Analysts predict that soon, half of all new IT service desk tools will be adopted as cloud-based services.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Delivering on Promise of Digital Transformation

Rapid shifts in the ways that technology and information are consumed and delivered - through cloud computing, big data, social networking, and smart devices - are transforming how companies compete. IT is at the center of the fray, learn more.

Infographic: Mobile Workspaces

The number of workers who telecommute is expected to increase 63% in the next 5 years, but the technology to support this is lacking in most organizations. Mobile workspaces that follow people anywhere, and afford the ultimate in productivity.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Making the Move to a Cloud-Based IT Service Management (ITSM) Platform

Today's mature cloud-based ITSM solutions can give you the flexibility and agility you need-without sacrificing security, stability or performance.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Meeting the Exploding Demand for New IT Services

In this eBook, explore the top trends driving the New IT for IT Service Management, and how leading organizations are evolving to focus on end-user experience.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Moving Beyond the Costs and Risks of IT Friction

In a first-of-its-kind study, IDC has documented the costs of business risks created when business and IT teams fail to communicate effectively. Hear how enterprises are addressing the friction associated with IT.

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