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6 Essentials of a Modern B2Bi Architecture

Read this eBook to get insight on the essential elements of a modernized B2B integration architecture. Companies need a strategy as they think about modernizing their B2B integration capabilities. This eBook describes what to look for and how IBM can help.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Siemens

6 IT Considerations to Prevent Costly Data Center Mechanical System Failure

Join us during this Webcast on September 27th and find out how you can prevent IT system failure with a proper data center mechanical services approach. Learn what 6 IT considerations you should take for the necessary approach to maintain efficient data center cooling and avoid costly disruption.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

Advantage Cloud: The Clear Path to Modernizing B2B Integration

Business executives and managers at business-to-business (B2B) enterprises care about time, money, competitive advantage, customer loyalty and growth. Few pay much attention to the vital IT infrastructure that supports transactions and collaboration with trading partners- though that B2B backbone directly affects performance and profitability.

White Paper | Presented by Logi Analytics

BI Buyer's Guide: Evaluating Your Options

The rise of data has caused a tech evolution. Users today expect better data insights from within their applications and workflows-so solutions have to stay relevant by delivering data in more intuitive ways. As users increasingly expect the same ease of use in their enterprise applications as they experience in consumer apps, learn which products are at the forefront of the BI evolution.

eBook | Presented by Logi Analytics

Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

Every application provider has one goal in common: to help their users work smarter and more efficiently while driving user adoption of their applications. But many companies fail to achieve this goal because they struggle to provide the data and analytics users expect.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

Flash Forward: Putting MFT in Perspective

Read this ebook to get expert insights from Aberdeen Group and IBM to learn what your organization can do to keep files on the move.

White Paper | Presented by Logi Analytics

Gartner 2016 Critical Capabilities Report for BI and Analytics Platforms

The BI market has shifted to more user-driven, agile development of interactive dashboards with data from a broader range of sources. Analytics leaders should augment IT-centric, reporting-based platforms with modern platforms that improve business value and speed time to insight. See how Gartner ranks BI vendors.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

Managed File Transfer: Minimizing Risk and Strengthening Compliance in Data Exchange

Every day, your organization transfers thousands of files across your workforce, systems, customers, suppliers and partners both inside and outside the firewall. Are those files secured, governed and reliable? In many cases, the answer is no.

Road to Modernization - The Game of B2B Integration Strategy

Uncover the key choices and begin your journey to a faster ROI with B2B Cloud Services.

The IT Architect's Guide to File Gateway Consolidation

This white paper outlines five key characteristics that IT architects should look for in an enterprise file gateway solution as a part of a larger MFT strategy.

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