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CIO Digital Magazine, November-December 2016

Cover story: Five winners of the and Drexel University Analytics 50 awards share details of their projects, lessons learned and advice.

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13 FAQ: User Application Analytics

Voyance now supports the ability for organizations to measure and analyze application use and health of a myriad of SAAS, custom, video and unified communications (UC) applications on a per user basis. These application analytics are tied to and correlated with users' Wi-Fi performance, the internet link performance, as well as underlying lower-layer network service performance upon which applications are dependent.

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30 Days to Complete Business Process Visibility

You cant fix what you can't measure. That's why achieving total visibility into your company's processes -- both on their own and all together -- is the key to business growth.Join Steven Bonacorsi, President at the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS), along with Adam Hoover and Sean MacPherson of QuickBase, for this exclusive on-demand webinar.

Advanced Analytics Solution for Mid-Market Enterprises: DNS Malware Analytics

Mid-market enterprises lack the resources, capacity, and/or security expertise to monitor and manage DNS traffic. Small security teams must detect malware-infected hosts and endpoints rapidly and with high fidelity before damage occurs. Learn about the DNS Malware Analytics, a SaaS-based automated security analytics solution that detects malware-infected hosts and endpoints rapidly and with high fidelity, enabling remediation in real time.

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Analyzing Your Network from the Cloud

Most enterprises are acutely aware that their ICT infrastructure is mission critical, and they are taking steps to improve reliability and performance. The list of techniques is broad, from upgrading equipment and adding redundancy to back-up processes that don't rely on ICT systems, like manual order-taking. But our research shows that the number 1 method by far, used by 2 out of 3 network managers, is to improve monitoring capabilities.

Case Study: School District Cuts Communications Costs by 75% adopting Cloud-Based Unified Communications

The Canyon School District adopted cloud-based communications to dramatically lower its administrative costs and to simplify administration. Review the full case study, solutions, benefits and features.

Cloud Communications: Proven Implementation Strategies

Despite the growing popularity of Cloud Communications and the promise of streamlined service, implementations can be challenging. Each customer environment is unique and needs to be thoroughly understood before deployment. The proven strategies for successful implementations are outlined in this eBook featuring a carefully composed three-stage process.

Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things

The hype around the Internet of Things is now rapidly giving way to the reality of implemented products and services. Read this interactive Whitepaper to learn more.

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Cut Your IT Backlog by 50% in Minutes

In the past 18 months, IT backlogs have risen 29%, and they are slowing down businesses that need to move more quickly. Learn how you can reduce your IT backlog by 50% in just 30 minutes, while creating a sustainable approach for the future.

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Delivering Quantifiable Insight into the End-User Application Experience

IT executives have a significantly different mandate than they did just five years ago. Now, entrenched in the digital era, business leaders must move faster than ever before. In turn, competitive advantage is no longer based on who has the best products, the smartest people or the lowest prices.

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