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5 Steps For Turning Software Renewals Into Business Opportunities

Software licensing has never been easy to manage, but constantly changing business needs and more complex contract terms are making the challenge tougher than ever. And casting a shadow over everything is the threat of a software audit, which lawyers and industry experts agree is a serious concern for software users in every sector.

White Paper | Presented by RSM

Apples to apples - Comparing ERP costs accurately

Choosing an ERP system is complex, as differing technology and licensing models make direct comparisons difficult. Companies are often aware of licensing costs, but ERP selection also involves variables...

White Paper | Presented by Salesforce

Change for the Better: Communications Customer Service Enters a New Era

Communications companies are at a critical juncture. They face intense competition and extraordinarily high customer expectations. Read this paper to see how a combination of cloud-based technology and a full "customer engagement" strategy can help ensure communications companies turn these challenges into opportunities.

Video/Webcast | Presented by CloudPassage

Cloud Security and the Need for Speed

Attend this webinar to get best practices for keeping pace with innovation, and key attributes you need for making your security plan future-proof.

Viewpoint | Presented by CA Technologies

Customer Consent: Assessing GDPR's Impact on Test and Development

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has far-reaching consequences for any organization possessing data belonging to an EU citizen. In test and development, users' need to grant explicit consent to use data will have massive implications. CA's Huw Price, VP Application Delivery Global QA Strategist, to understand how organizations can comply with the GDPR.

eGuide | Presented by RSA Security Inc

eGuide: Managing Risk in a Complex Environment

This eGuide from CIO, CSO and Network World examines the correlation between effective risk management and profit margin, and what organizations can learn about business resilience from high-profile breaches. It also looks at the state of vendor risk management, the compliance risks of outsourcing IT and the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Four Licensing Mistakes That May Boost Costs and Increase Risk

What's the best way to avoid problems? Veterans say no single tool or policy can ensure license compliance while also keeping costs under control. The key is to recognize the importance of a formal software asset management (SAM) strategy.

How To Build A Business Case For SDDC

'By 2020, the Software-Defined Data Center will be a requirement for 75% of the Global 2000' according to Gartner. But is the SDDC right for you? The key to success is to plan big but start small. This Gartner report will help you understand the value of SDDC, identify the best use cases, and mitigate deployment risks.

Mitigating The Hassles of Renewals

It's easy to be distracted from IT priorities by spreadsheets packed with license data and calendars full of renewal reminders. At CDW, we can help you reduce complexities and get a handle on renewals by providing visibility into your software environment.

White Paper | Presented by Pivot3 Inc

Simplifying the Data Center with Hyperconvergence

The concept of a hyper-converged data center, where collections of commodity servers are magically reconfigured through software to provide virtualized storage and network services through a single point of control, appeal to many IT professionals.

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