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Video/Webcast | Presented by Box

5 Key Components of an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Mapping Out the 5 Key Components of an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

White Paper | Presented by IBM

ACM Leadership Guide

Knowledge worker effectiveness has emerged as a top priority to both optimize the customer experience and help employees work more efficiently. See how advanced case management offers a solution to these challenges.

Clearing the Network Hurdle to Cloud Deployment

Although enthusiasm is high among IT pros for cloud services, an IDG Research Quick Poll survey found that, in fact, the cloud is at a crossroads.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Human Capital Management

This white paper addresses 10 major challenges that HR organizations face and describes how enterprise content management tools can increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize risk.

Video/Webcast | Presented by IBM

IBM Advanced Case Management Knowledge Vault

Empower your knowledge workers to deliver better case outcomes. Visit the IBM Advanced Case Management Knowledge Vault to learn more.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

It's All About the Customer

This white paper fleshes out some of the key business and information technology trends and issues facing insurance markets.

White Paper | Presented by UMT360

Redefining the Enterprise Architect's Role

According to Gartner, the majority of enterprise architects will change their mission and focus on aligning business and IT strategies, delivering value, and enabling a major business transformation.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Where customer satisfaction and employee empowerment come together

In this eBook, learn how different industries use dynamic and sophisticated case management to turn customer information into strategies that fortify them against their competition.

White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Confidently Virtualize Business-critical Applications in Microsoft Hyper-V with Symantec ApplicationHA

ApplicationHA leverages more than 12 years of development of well-known Symantec Cluster Server technology to provide an application monitoring package that runs inside a Hyper-V guest operating system.

White Paper | Presented by Ping Identity

Industry Insights: Identity is the New Perimeter

Modern businesses are more open than ever before, but that doesn't mean they have to be less secure. Learn how next generation identity offers a strategic foundation for fueling business growth.

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