CIO Digital Magazine, March-April 2017

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Cover story: The enterprise gets smart. Companies are starting to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bolster customer experience, improve security and optimize operations.

CIO March-April 2017 digital issue

Also in this issue:

An AI that knows when to hold ’em
An artifcial intelligence has beaten four of the best Texas hold ’em poker players in the world, and its mastery of imperfect information could yield a multitude of real-world applications.

Engineering digital innovation
Purdue University’s CIO strives to blur the lines between IT and the larger enterprise.

A clean start on brand loyalty
At Clorox, marketing and IT leaders work together on digital initiatives to help the company reach new customers through personalization.

Merging companies, merging tech
For CIOs, mergers and acquisitions take on a new customer relationship focus.

3 paths to analytics leadership roles
Companies are on the hunt for analytics executives, but where can they find talent in such a new field?

The art and science of the CPO
What does it take to prepare for, land and succeed in the hottest roles in IT? This month, we look at the multifaceted role of chief product officer.

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