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From remote data access to electronics reference tools, these Android apps come in handy for IT pros on the go.

What IT pros like, in their own words.

Competition for IT workers is fierce in the tech world and skills shortages abound. How fierce? Using data from TEKsystems, we look at what organizations describe as their most difficult-to-fill IT roles.

Pundits are calling 2014 the year of the IT contractor. Here are 15 tips for setting up shop and making it stick.

With so much money to be made selling electronics, many just try to copy what's already successful.

From at the Zoo to Gangman Style, YouTube has come a long way in nine years.

The days of developing our own personal profiles that place a priority on reputation management are slipping away as impromptu (and sometimes anonymous and temporary) activity on social media gathers momentum. This new class of apps encourages you to tell secrets, chat or even hook up with complete strangers.

Android and iOS tablets have come a long way, but for many users they're still not suitable laptop replacements. However, you can change that. These 12 gadgets each help bridge the gap between notebook PC and tablet.

Some buzzwords evolve from the foam of language; others are invented in strokes of evil genius.

Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo and ASUS battle it out for supremacy in the market for low-cost tablets pre-installed with Microsoft Office.