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Bloodiest Tech Industry Layoffs of 2014, So Far

Microsoft leads the way, but has plenty of company on jobs cut front

11 Offbeat Battery Chargers: Portable Power with a Twist

There's no need for a portable phone charger to be boring -- here are 11 chargers for your smartphone (or tablet) that are both useful and creative.

10 Top Jobs by Salary for Social Media Pros

Social Media Skills in High Demand "Image by Thinkstock Of the 20 most common jobs that require social media skills, 11 pay above the national average with a median salary of $43,400, according to data provided by PayScale to...

Beyond Firefox: 10 Mozilla Projects Fueling the Open Web

Mozilla has its hands in many projects aimed at advancing the Web. Here's our take on the 10 most promising

The Weirdest and Coolest Sci/Tech Stories of 2014 (So Far)

2014 has featured crop circles, advanced toilet tech, flying saucers, wild software development

10 Web Services That Make Your Life Easier

There are thousands of apps and Web services out there. New ones are hitting the Internet as you read this. Here are 10 bona fide tools that can actually improve your life.

9 Tips for CIOs as Summer Vacations Hit

Have trouble leaving the office behind when you go on vacation? Here are nine tips to help give CIOs peace of mind when they (and their staff and fellow employees) head out for summer R&R.

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10 Tools for More Productive Telecommuting

Keep in touch with co-workers, track your time, and block distractions with these apps and services.

The Black Hat Quiz 2014

How well do you know the security conference's revelations about NSA, pwned cars, spying cell phones and more?

Ubuntu 14.04: The Good, the Bad, the Unity

Ubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support/LTS (Trusty Tahr) proves that it doesn’t matter if you’re Oracle, Microsoft, or Canonical: Bringing a fleet of products into new release revision synch is tough. Canonical is trying to cover the...

8 Devices to Help You Cut the Cable Cord

As consumers become more savvy with their entertainment dollars, more devices have entered the streaming-media fray allowing even the digitally challenged to cut the cord on cable and satellite dependencies and save big money on...

Yahoo, You’re Dead! 8 Services in Yahoo’s Graveyard

Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo is a bit like the Borg from Star Trek – acquisitive, a little ruthless and always on the lookout for fresh talent to add to the collective. The pattern is simple – buy startup, incorporate cool tech and smart...

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11 Ways LXLE Linux Will Make You Forget About Windows XP

The lightweight, speedy and feature-packed LXLE 14.04 can breathe new life into your old XP hardware.

Apple’s Most Important iPhone Upgrades Over the Years

Seven years after its initial launch, the iPhone has come a long way in terms of its feature set.


10 Sites With Stunning Visual Data That Will Change Your World View

We all know what a picture's worth. These websites use graphics to display everything from Twitter traffic to births and deaths, in ways that truly drive home what words alone cannot.

In Defense of Techno-Panics: Why a Little Worry Can Be a Good Thing

We're not endorsing full-on freakouts about every exciting new technology. But sometimes a little pushback can be a good thing.

Apple’s Most Important iPhone Upgrades Over the Years

Seven years after its initial launch, the iPhone has come a long way in terms of its feature set.

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12 Irritating Co-Worker Types to Avoid

Every tech pro encounters his fair share of annoying co-workers, but they come in many shapes and forms. To help you quickly identify who you’re dealing with, highlights these 12 office personality types so you can avoid...

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