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Top 12 Security Slideshows of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the security trends of the year with this look at the hottest security slideshows of 2012. Full Story »

Uncovering Tech's Most Peculiar Product Codenames

Tech companies go to painstaking lengths to keep new products confidential, which is why many of them assign "secret" product codenames. Here's an insider's look at some of the most unusual codenames, with themes ranging from felines to fairytales.

Ten Signs Technology is Everywhere

IT is showing up in the most unusual places, from touch-screen tables at a London restaurant to virtual-reality therapy for soldiers returning from Iraq. Check out these tech applications compiled by CIO magazine editors.

CES 2012 Gadget Preview

2012 Consumer Electronics Show: From high-definition video calling via your HDTV to practically indestructible SD cards for your camera, here's a look at 20 gadgets and services that will be making a splash at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January.

Best Free Android Apps of 2011

From word games to new social networks and streaming services, it was a very good year for beefing up your Android device without having to drop a single dime. Here are some recommendations.

Google Future Tech: 10 Coolest Google R&D Projects

From space elevators, robots, to curing cancer: Google works to make future generations brighter, healthier, and more informed.

11 Eye-Popping Black Friday Tablet, Laptop and E-Reader Deals

Best Buy, Target and others practically giving away iPads, PlayBooks, Kindles and more.

Cool Yule Favorites: 20 Techie Gifts We Like

This holiday season's top picks have been submitted and tested and "Cool Yule Elf" approved.

Top IT Turkeys of 2011

Here are the people, companies and products that earned the label of 'turkey' over the past year.

Geekiest Holiday Cards

Seasonal greetings, geek-style.

Hottest Tablets for Your Holiday Wishlist

Tablet PCs have become the must-have holiday gift. This year though, Apple's iPad is no longer the only tablet on the market with significant "wow factor."'s Al Sacco presents a list of the best tablets available for this 2011 holiday season.

Survey: IT Certifications Lead to Jobs, Higher Pay

In this survey of 700 IT professionals, most say certifications have led to raises and better jobs, busting the myth that certs are nothing but a scam.

8 Amazon Kindle Fire Apps for Newbies

Here are eight apps that every Kindle Fire newbie should consider downloading to get themselves started.

Top 10 Android Smartphone Browser Alternatives

Here are 10 free alternative browsers you can use in place of the stock browser that comes with you Android phone.

First Look: Firefox 8 Adds Twitter Search, Tightens Add-on Controls

Mozilla's Firefox 8 gives users more obvious control over add-ons installed by third-party programs.

The World's Geekiest Cakes

Android, Intel, Apple iPods all take the cake these days.

Microsoft's Greatest Successes and Biggest Failures

Give Microsoft credit; it never does anything small. Its successes rock the world. And when it screws up, it screws up big time.

Wi-Fi Security Tips: 11 Do's and Don'ts

Wi-Fi can be secure if you use the right security measures. Unfortunately, the Web is full of outdated advice and myths. So here are some do's and don'ts of Wi-Fi security, that address some of the myths.

20 Best Browser Apps of 2011

Whether you want to stay on top of your to-do list, find out who is tracking you online or sling a few birds at pesky pigs, here are 20 apps that are well worth your time.

The Future of Human Computer Interfaces

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces Group are prototyping new, novel and more natural ways for people to interact with computers and access and store information. Their innovations have been designed to improve and enrich our personal and professional lives, making it easier to create, communicate, collaborate and even cook. Here are 10 inventions that enhance human-computer interactions, improve the in-store shopping experience, and even help us kick bad habits.

5 iPad Gadgets for Geeks

Custom-designed for technophiles who want their iPads to do more.

The Security Industry All-Stars

From Bruce Schneier to Moxie Marlinspike, these folks are the ones to listen to for security insight.

David vs. Goliath: 15 Potential Tech Shake-Ups

Here are 15 'Davids' out to take down larger competitors.

The Ugliest Laptops Ever Made

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Yeah, right. Take a look at 12 of the most unsightly portable PCs ever created (plus one bonus pick).

First-Gen Design of Top Websites and Gadgets

What did YouTube look like in 2005? How ugly was the first BlackBerry pager in 1999? Remember when it just sold books? Even the greatest products have awkward beginnings. Let's take a look at your favorite websites and gadgets when they came into the world.