7 Cool, Weird and Useful Computer Keyboards

Not every computer keyboard or input device is a boring hunk of plastic. We look at several ergonomic, wireless, high-tech and just plain fun keyboards to brighten your day and give joy to your fingertips.

We all spend our days typing on a keyboard, whether it's at a desktop PC or on a mobile device. Doesn't it make sense for that experience to be enjoyable? Or at least, as painless as possible?

Instead of using the keyboard that the computer manufacturer included with your system or one with gratuitous "Internet features" you never use, take a look a look at our collection of fun, stylish and (mostly) functional keyboards. If nothing else, owning one of these will make everyone visit your office to see what your new keyboard looks like. Be sure to collect tribute in chocolate.

Best Keyboard for Writing Jules Verne-Inspired Blog Entries

Most keyboards are made of cheap, flimsy plastic. At the other extreme is this custom-made steampunk keyboard, with a gorgeous brushed aluminum frame, black felt faceplate and jewel LEDs.

Steampunk is a science fiction premise that escaped. With Victorian sensibilities tied to current technology, steampunk usually involves gizmos with brass, wood and other such aesthetic values. If you aren't willing to fork over the big bucks for a truly custom keyboard like this, you can always do it yourself.
Image credit: Datamancer.net