Geek Hotels: Nine Places a Traveling Techie Will Love

Hate leaving your tech at home? If you stay at one of these nine hotels, you won't have to.

Hotels are increasingly becoming high-tech. And with good reason: People want their 24/7 connectivity and other techie requirements even when they're away from home. So hotels that want to become (or stay) successful are making sure they offer amenities like wireless or even the latest video games.

That's where our nine Geek Hotels come in. These hotels have found a way to go above and beyond standard hotel niceties. Some offer both luxurious surroundings and futuristic tech conveniences, some have found a way to offer tech amenities at a reasonable rate, and some are using technology to bring people together.

Tell us about other noteworthy high-tech hotels you know about.

On-the-Road Rock Star Workouts

The $200 a night (average) boutique Seattle Hotel Monaco offers an array of unusual low-tech amenities—a pet-friendly policy includes walking and sitting services and gourmet dog cookies. And those who've left their furry friends at home can have a goldfish delivered to their room. But it's one of the Monaco's geekier offerings that has been attracting a spotlight: A Guitar Hero social hour. From 5:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday nights, guests can unleash their inner rock god outside of their own living room—and in the company of strangers.
Image credit: Seattle Hotel Monaco