Ten Technology Letdowns of 2007

We had much to hail this year, including rising IT salaries and better virtualization tools, but we also sighed over IT products and ideas that fell short. H-1B visa reform? Not likely. "Spam king" arrested? Yeah, that was a big help. We can't wait to buy a Palm Foleo! (Um, never mind.) Has your business deployed Microsoft Vista? And while environmentalists cheer Al Gore's Nobel, the green IT movement looks like a crawl. Read on about what's got us feeling cheated this year. And since misery loves company, please add your own bubble bursts. Click here to add your own.

H-1B Visa Reform

Whether you want more H-1B temporary visas freed up to bring in non-U.S. workers for six years or an overhaul of the whole darn system, you saw nothing of substance happen on Capitol Hill this year. Lobbyists lobbied, U.S. programmers complained, Congress did nothing, companies continued to outsource. Look for more of the same in 2008.
Image credit: Photos.com