The 14 Silliest Smartphone Accessories: How to Humiliate a BlackBerry, Embarrass an iPhone

You'll find no shortage of lists of the best BlackBerry, iPhone and other smartphone accessories. Here's a list of the rest. We've rounded up the most ridiculous accessories, and they sure are fun to gawk at.

With the growing popularity of Apple's iPhone, Research In Motion (RIM)'s BlackBerry and other smartphones, it's no surprise that third-party vendors are jumping on the accessory train like geeks on Star Wars marathons.

The potential promise of the vast smartphone-user-market incents many an accessory maker to develop valuable, chic products. But what happens when those vendors miss the mark? The following fourteen smartphone- and smartphone-inspired accessories are real-life examples of how good intentions can go horribly—and hilariously—wrong.

Strange as they may be, some of our selections actually serve specific purposes. Still, one question remains: Where do they come up with these bizarre ideas?

Ready to Meet Jaws: The BlackBerry Aquatic

Smartphones and water just don't mix. But everyone knows how to keep electronics dry: Enclose them in some sort of plastic bag, of course! Aquapac International is taking common sense to the commercial level with its PVC-free electronics cases. You can even use your smartphone while it's inside the Aquapac. Unless you're a shark hunter, it's unclear who exactly would need a BlackBerry underwater or why you couldn't wait until you're out of the tub to text, but at least Aquapacs are environmentally friendly...
Image credit: Aquapac International Limited 2008