CIO Compensation: Tech Execs Who Make Millions

Salary and benefits for superstar chief information officers range from home security systems to fat cash bonuses. Joe Smialowski, formerly of Freddie Mac, took home the biggest bonus on our list last year: $1,350,000. Close on his heels was Robert Golden of Prudential Financial, with his $1.3 million bonus. It's no surprise that financial services firms dominate the list, but other industries made a strong showing, including retail and manufacturing.

Our ranks are based on proxy statements filed by the Fortune 1000. Click on to see how the other half lives.

No. 3: FedEx's Rob Carter: $5.5 Million

Like many on our list, Robert Carter, executive VP and CIO at FedEx, takes advice on what to do with his millions. One perquisite last year was $10,350 for financial counseling and tax preparation. But more fun: He got $81,292 worth of personal use of a company plane. FedEx owns one of the biggest corporate aircraft fleets in the world and earmarks several planes for executive travel. About 30% of Carter's plane perk covered flying to and from board meetings of Saks, the New York retailer, whose board he joined in 2004.

Other superstar CIOs got perks, too.

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