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CIO Online Editorial Staff
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Brian Carlson, Editor in Chief,

Brian Eastwood, Senior Editor,

Sharon Florentine, Staff Writer,

Richard Hein, Online Managing Editor,

Sheryl Hodge, Associate Editor,

Tom Kaneshige, Senior Writer,

Dan Muse, Executive Editor,

Thor Olavsrud, Senior Writer,

Al Sacco, Senior Editor,

Online Beats

Apple, BYOD, Consumerization of IT
Tom Kaneshige,

Mobile, Smartphones, Wireless, Blogs
Al Sacco,

Security, Big Data, Open Source
Thor Olavsrud,

IT Careers
Richard Hein,
Sharon Florentine,

Data Center, Cloud Computing
Sharon Florentine,

CIO Magazine Editorial Staff
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Mitch Betts, Executive Editor,

Lauren Brousell, Staff Writer,

Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief,

Kim S. Nash, Managing Editor,