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IE6: Retired But Not Dead Yet

Microsoft may have retired Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) last week, but it's still keeping track of the ancient browser's user share on a death watch-like website that's been running for more than three years. Full Story »

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 Lives On--As a Pizza

Because everyone wants a pizza to commemorate their favorite Windows XP browser, right?


Secure Browsers Offer Alternatives to Chrome, IE and Firefox

The Web browser has been a major infection vector for years, allowing malware to be transported to millions of computers through phishing, man-in-the-middle, SQL injection and countless other attacks. But what if there was a way to stop this madness and secure the browsing channel itself?


Microsoft Shows Off Cloud-based Physics Rendering and Virtual Reality Via Internet Explorer

Virtual reality through the Oculus Rift headset is novel enough. But VR through Internet Explorer, enabled with just a few lines of code? Microsoft just demonstrated it at its Build conference, drawing applause from a room packed with developers.


IE Easily Beats Chrome, Firefox, Safari in Malware Detection

Microsoft's combination of application reputation technology and URL filtering gave Internet Explorer a malware block rate that blew pass Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


Corporations to Get Improved Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode (But Not Consumers)

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 update solves one of the compatibility problems within Internet Explorer. But you might never see this part of the update if you don't work for a business.


OKCupid Calls for Firefox Boycott Over CEO's Proposition 8 Support

OKCupid would rather you didn't use Mozilla Firefox to access its popular dating service. Firefox users landing on are being greeted with a landing page encouraging them to download and use another browser.


iOS Tops Android for Web Browsing in U.S. and Other Developed Nations

Android smartphones from all manufacturers make up nearly 80% of all smartphones recently sold worldwide, but Apple's iPhone and iPad still dominate when it comes to Web browsing in the U.S. and other highly developed countries.

How To

3 Ways Technology Improves Road Race Registration

Like most previously paper processes, road race registration has moved online. This offers convenience to runners, but it can be a headache for unprepared race directors. Here's how three organizations handle the traffic, testing and analysis of their runner registration systems.


Mozilla Patches 20 Firefox Flaws, Plugs Pwn2Own Holes

Mozilla on Tuesday patched five vulnerabilities exploited by researchers last week at the Pwn2Own hacking contest, where they were awarded $200,000 for their collective efforts.


Experts Warn Against Judging Firefox on Poor Pwn2Own Performance

Mozilla Firefox was the loser in this year's Pwn2Own hackfest, but experts warn against placing too much importance on the number of zero-day vulnerabilities found in the Web browser.


Google Patches $310K Worth of Chrome, Chrome OS Bugs

Google on Friday patched several vulnerabilities in Chrome and Chrome OS within 48 hours of their disclosures at last week's Pwn2Own and Pwnium hacking contests.


Mozilla Shelves Metro Firefox, Cites User Apathy Toward Windows 8

Mozilla on Friday abruptly canceled the release of its touch-enabled Firefox browser for Windows 8, just four days before it was to ship and after two years of work.


US-CERT Urges XP Users to Dump IE

People who plan to run Windows XP after Microsoft pulls the patch plug should dump Internet Explorer (IE) and replace it with a different browser, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) said Monday.


Microsoft Plans to Patch Critical Under-Attack IE Bug Next Week

Microsoft today announced it will deliver five security updates to customers next week, two tagged as "critical," including one that will quash the open vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) that hackers have been exploiting since January.