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Red Hat Extends JBoss with Open Source BPM

Red Hat is extending JBoss up the middleware stack with a new business process management suite that gives organizations advanced decision and process automation capabilities. Full Story »

Box Gives Enterprise IT More Visibility and Control

Box is adding features to its content management and document-sharing platform to give administrators the capability to manage permissions, access and control over how Box is used in the enterprise. It's also added a new consulting arm and a systems integrator partner network.


Business Process Management Provides Agility in Lean Times

When financial times are tough, the capability to streamline business processes, improve efficiency and achieve agility would appeal to any company. That's why firms today are increasingly finding new and sometimes unique ways to use BPM tools.


Trojan Program Steals Log-in Credentials, Other Sensitive Data From SAP Client Applications

Attackers can also use the malware to remotely control infected workstations and access SAP servers, Microsoft researchers said


Facebook Open Compute Project Picks Switch Specs

The Open Compute Project this week announced that it is considering four contributions for development of an open, operating system-agnostic data center switch it announced six months ago.


Open Text Buys Cloud B2b Integrator GXS in $1.17 Billion Deal

GXS' trading platform connects more than 550,000 companies

How To

3 Ways CRM Improves Your Business Processes

Everybody knows that the use case for CRM. It's in its name, after all: Customer relationship management. But how does that really improve the way your company does business?


New Malware Variant Suggests Cybercriminals Targeting SAP Users

The malware checks if infected systems have a SAP client application installed, ERPScan researchers said

News Feature

Microsoft Says Its Future in the Cloud Is Bright

Pointing to a $2 trillion opportunity as the enterprise shifts to the cloud, Microsoft says it is perfectly positioned to lead in the enterprise cloud era.

Case Study

How EDA Used Big Data Analytics to Drive SaaS Revenue

Faced with the challenge of converting subscribers to a new platform while implementing a price increase, Equipment Data Associates turned to Scout Analytics to provide the data analytics it needed to better understand and serve its customers.


How Social Analytics Can Improve Enterprise IT Efficiency

VoloMetrix's enterprise analytics technology uses social engineering to let CIOs quickly identify bottlenecks and pain points in their organization. Using that data, they can better allocate time, energy and resources. The only catch is they have to mine employees email to get that data.


Cloud Helps Financial Company Spin Up a New IT Operation

Another company acquired about 75 percent of Lincoln Trust, along with its technology, which left the CTO with a pressing need for a new technology platform

Analyst Corner

Find Out What Agility Really Means

It's not just just flexible systems. CIOs need to get in touch with the broader definition of business agility in three areas: market, organization and process.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Retirement Announcement Letter

Has held Microsoft’s top job since 2000

How To

How CPQ Systems Boost Sales Automation and CRM

Configure, price and quote systems are designed to speed up and automate the sales cycle--all in the name of improving customer relationship management. CPQ systems can be complex, but the firms who deploy them do see results.