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SAP reports strong growth in cloud amid slow overall revenue growth

The company had a dip in software revenue in the first quarter as the cloud business took off Full Story »

10 Hot Hadoop Startups to Watch

As data volumes grow, figuring out how to unlock value becomes vastly important. Hadoop enables the processing of large data sets in a distributed environment and has become almost synonymous with big data. Here are 10 startups with solutions for unlocking big data value.

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4 Qualities to Look for in a Data Scientist

Every business, it seems, needs a data scientist, but not everyone knows what to look for. The four qualities of a good data scientist described here will help you first write a job description and then evaluate candidates for your data scientist vacancy.


MongoDB 2.6 Keeps Pace in Database Speed Wars

The new version of the NoSQL database offers faster performance and a new management console


Teradata's Querygrid to Power Multi-database Analytics

Teradata version 15 adds support for 'Internet of things' standard JSON


Pivotal Looks to Simplify Building 'Business Data Lakes'

Pivotal unveils the Pivotal Big Data Suite, an all-you-can-eat software, support and maintenance platform that's designed to provide access to all the technologies required to build a business data lake with a single pricing metric.


Big Data Showdown: Cassandra vs. HBase

Bigtable-inspired open source projects take different routes to the highly scalable, highly flexible, distributed, wide column data store.


SQL and NoSQL Come Together with New MariaDB Enterprise Offerings

The products are based on MariaDB 10, which became generally available on Monday


Oracle Doubles the Speed of MySQL Query Handling

MySQL 5.7 can process twice as many query requests as the previous version could


Facebook, Other Web Giants Unite to Scale MySQL

WebScaleSQL hopes to equip the open source MySQL database with high-performance features

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Web Giants Join Forces for Open Source MySQL Scalability Project

Engineering teams from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter have begun work on WebScaleSQL, an open source project designed to address the challenges of running MySQL at Web scale.

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With CRM Data, More Isn't Always Merrier

The cornerstone of CRM systems (and any sales or service transaction) is interaction between your people and your customers. But more people records in the system isn't necessarily better, as many data quality problems in CRM are caused by the cacophony of too many contacts.


Inside the Shadowy World of Data Brokers

Data brokers operate in the shadows of the Internet. Most consumers are unaware or unsure how to put restrictions of their activity. In fact, one U.S. senator called these companies and their practices 'the dark underside of American life.'


SugarCRM Links Up with Dun & Bradstreet for Contact Data

The move helps SugarCRM keep pace with Microsoft, Oracle and in CRM


SAP Rolls Out 'smart' New Way to Do Data Warehousing

The update to Business Warehouse incorporates what SAP calls an in-memory data fabric