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Ogilvy and Mather Updates Knowledge Management System for the Social Age

Yuri Aguiar, CIO at Ogilvy and Mather, says a new social, intranet-based portal manages the company's content and has become 'a vital and vibrant place for our employees around the world to quickly find each other and the information they need to do their jobs.' Full Story »

Box Gives Enterprise IT More Visibility and Control

Box is adding features to its content management and document-sharing platform to give administrators the capability to manage permissions, access and control over how Box is used in the enterprise. It's also added a new consulting arm and a systems integrator partner network.

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4 Affordable Small Business CRM Options

Small businesses don't need expensive customer relationship software to manage customer records and important business data. Here are four inexpensive CRM options that offer the functionality you need and also integrate with the social sites your customers and prospects use.


VMware Adds Project Management, Secure IM to Socialcast Platform

The virtualization giant adds project management and secure messaging capabilities to its enterprise social networking and collaboration platform in an effort to break down information silos and centralize workflow.

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Why CRM Security Is Always a 'Role'-Your-Own Project

With most enterprise applications, the security model can be simply user/group/world. It can't be all that complicated with CRM, right? Think again.

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Big Data Success Is All in the Analysis

IT executives are starting to realize that there's little value in big data without robust analytics systems that can crunch the numbers and give key decision makers (read: their bosses) easy-to-digest information. With so few real solutions on the market, though, this is easier said than done.

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Who Owns CRM Data at Your Company?

In most enterprise IT systems, record ownership is about as controversial as a ham sandwich. Not so in CRM. In fact, it can become quite the political topic. Fortunately, good governance can solve most CRM data ownership problems.


Data Analytics Will Fail If Executives Ignore the Numbers

One major selling point for data analytics is that it gives executives the information they need to make the decisions that are best for the company. However, if executives don't read the reports before signing on the dotted line, or if they expect research groups to write reports to justify their decisions, then there's no point.


How to Get a Grip on Data With 'Information Superiority'

To make more efficient use of data and improve data protection, take a holistic approach to information governance—one that focuses attention on the most sensitive data while removing impediments to sharing.


EMC Shows the Power of Big Data Analytics

Your company is doomed to fail if 'the biggest jerk at the table' makes all the decisions in spite of comprehensive data analysis. EMC and its customers are taking analytics seriously, columnist Rob Enderle says. You should, too. It's a lesson Mitt Romney learned the hard way.

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Social CRM Offers Big Rewards If You're Persistent

Putting the 'social' in your social CRM strategy means aggregating more information about your customers and prospects. A new generation of tools is being developed to make this happen.

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How to Deal With Panda, Penguin and Other Google Algorithm Changes

In an effort to improve search result quality and punish black-hat SEO, Google has been making big changes to its algorithms, and more updates are likely on the way soon. Here's how to prepare.

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6 Business Dashboards That Help CIOs Manage Employees, Web Services

These six dashboards help IT executives make key decisions by putting data from a variety of enterprise applications and services at a CIO's fingertips so he or she can better manage employees, website activity, development projects and more.

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Top 10 CRM Tricks Guaranteed to Lose Customers

Best-practices articles are as dull to read as they are to write, columnist David Taber says. So here are 10 customer support system worst practices that are certain to derail customer satisfaction.


How HP Can Use Itanium Ruling to Beat Oracle

If Hewlett-Packard plays its cards right, it could turn Oracle's court-ordered support for HP servers running Itanium chips into a better platform for Oracle software than it was when HP and Oracle were bosom buddies.