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4 Office for iPad Alternatives

When Office for iPad arrived last month, it was a bittersweet moment. The elation over the promise of true tablet productivity muted by the realization that the apps were little more than document viewers without an Office 365 subscription. Full Story »

Quip Issues API for Mobile Word Processor, Aims it At Enterprise IT

The startup is also preparing presentation and spreadsheet apps


Enterprise Who? Google Says Little About Apps, Business Cloud Services in Q1 Report

An executive on the earnings call pooh-poohed the need for differentiation in the enterprise cloud computing market


New Office 365 Personal Plan Targets Individual iPad, PC Users

Microsoft this week launched a new Office 365 Personal Plan at a lower price point.


Microsoft Kicks Off Sales of Lower-Priced Office Subscription in Bid for iPad Dollars

Five weeks after announcing a lower-cost subscription to Office, Microsoft today started selling Office 365 Personal to consumers.


Microsoft Concedes Chromebooks Are Work-Worthy

Microsoft on Monday conceded that Google's Chrome OS and the Chromebooks the operating system powers are capable of doing real work, a reversal of its "Scroogled" campaign that once blasted the laptops as worthless.

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Microsoft's Office for iPad Shakes Up Mobile Enterprise

It's hard to overstate the impact of Microsoft Office for iPad. The arrival of the dominant productivity suite on the dominant tablet promises to change how iPads are viewed in the enterprise. Office for iPad may also crush competitive apps, shut out cloud storage providers and limit MDM vendors.


Microsoft Beefs Up Office Online

The browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are being updated

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Is Windows 8 Development Worth the Trouble?

Microsoft pays some companies to produce Windows 8 versions of their products. Without this type of financial assistance, or various other incentives, is Windows 8 and especially Windows Phone development worth the effort?


Office for iPad Apps Top 12 Million Downloads in One Week

One week later and Office for iPad is still on top of the iTunes charts with more than 12 million downloads.


Open-Xchange adds spreadsheet program to its online app suite

OX Spreadsheet offers online collaboration and allows editing of Excel documents


Office for iPad vs. iWork: The Battle for Tablet Productivity

The competing suites square off over features, file compatibility and ease of use.


Where's the Touch-First Office for Windows?

When Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad on Thursday, neither CEO Satya Nadella nor the company said much of anything about a similar touch version for Windows 8.1. Analysts expect that to change this week.


Microsoft Says Printing Functions Will Come to Office for iPad Soon

The first iteration of Microsoft's Office for iPad lacks the ability to print, an unfortunate omission that Microsoft representatives intimated will be fixed in a forthcoming release.


Nadella to Cook on Office Revenue Sharing: Drop Dead

With the launch of Office for iPad yesterday, Microsoft again effectively cut Apple out of most of the revenue stream by making the apps free to download.