The advantages and disadvantages, challenges and benefits of buying and implementing RFID technolog.


Microsoft Launches New Embedded OS to Harness the Data of Devices

Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its Windows Embedded CE operating system—Windows Embedded Compact 2013—to help organizations capture the data of programmable logic controls and machine-human interface panels. Full Story »

CIOs Must Move From 'Mobile First' to 'Mobile Only'

Mobile is top-of-mind for most CIOs today. However, while many IT leaders are focused on enabling existing business processes and operations in a mobile framework, CIOs with an eye to the future are thinking about how mobile can transform the business and enable new use cases.


Android On Call: Hospital Builds Custom Mobile App for Patient Data

Palomar Pomerado Health in San Diego built its own Android app for accessing real-time patient information, with Cisco Cius tablets providing the added bonus of voice and video. And an iOS version is coming up, stat.


RFID Tags Arrive on the Store Floor as Retailers Go After ROI

After years of struggle with this complex technology, retailers are profiting from targeted areas where RFID is paying off. But as Wal-Mart's now doing, retailers must stop thinking cases and palettes and start thinking about tracking individual items.


RFID: A New Hope in a New Decade

For all the hype and some pockets of success, RFID's time in the mainstream sun remains five to 10 years off, analysts say. CIO.com's Thomas Wailgum uncovers a few bright spots--and examines what's stopping some businesses from making the most of RFID.


Two Approaches to NFC Battle for French Hearts and Mobiles

Two competing approaches to equipping mobile phones with contactless communications capabilities vied for supporters at the Cartes exhibition in Paris this week. Either approach could turn phones into self-service electronic tour guides, travel tickets or secure payment terminals.


6 Ways We Gave Up our Privacy

Privacy has long been seen as a basic, sacred right. But in the Web 2.0 world, where the average user is addicted to Google apps, GPS devices, their BlackBerry or iPhone, and such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter, that right is slowly and willingly being chipped away. In fact, some security experts believe it's gone already.


RFID to Help Keep the World's Mail on Time

One of the world's newest communications technologies soon will be used to track one of the oldest.


Microsoft Won't Let Windows Marketplace Users Share Apps After All

Contrary to an earlier report, Microsoft won't allow purchasers of applications from its upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile e-store to share their wares with friends and family.


Thai Hospital Goes Wireless to Contain Outbreaks

A hospital in Thailand famous for medical tourism plans to introduce a few new wireless technologies to control outbreaks of deadly diseases.


Wal-Mart's IT Group Has Come a Long Way: Is India Next?

Wal-Mart, famous for its high-flying IT group that until recent years refused to use packaged applications instead of home-grown apps, is now reportedly evaluating a business process outsourcing (BPO) contract in India. Outsourcing tasks such as procurement, merchandising and payroll would be a stunning new chapter in Wal-Mart's IT story.

Case Study

SOA the Logical Choice for Australian Logistics Giant

Plug and play makes Dematic's rip and replace, legacy systems history. Instead, the company turned to service-oriented architecture and ITIL.


RFID Tags Allow IT to Track Data Center Assets More Accurately and Efficiently

The use of RFID technology by IT managers to manage their data center assets, like servers and routers, is gaining adoption, according to ABI Research.


RFID ROI At Last: Forget Tracking Toilet Paper, Think Servers and Laptops

Wal-Mart's super-streamlined retail supply chain fantasy is still just that, but there's good news on the RFID front. Tag technology has improved, and a number of companies now successfully use RFID to track high-value IT assets in house or on campus -- exactly where RFID makes the most sense.

Essential Technology

These Boots Were Made for Tracking: Nine West Tries On RFID Strategy

Footwear giant Nine West joins a long list of retailers in search of the RFID Holy Grail: item-level RFID tracking. Will the move be a good fit? Even the mighty Wal-Mart has struggled to cash in on this technology.