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CIOs and Procurement Pros Partner on Cloud Services

Cloud services can help CIOs free themselves from worrying about managing data centers, scaling capacity, configuring servers, applying security patches and other routine maintenance so they can focus on providing insight to improve the business. Full Story »

The Risks and Rewards of the Age of APIs

The Age of the API is upon us, presenting developers with new opportunities to generate income by linking to the data and services of others. But developers need to be careful when navigating the new API landscape.


Software AG acquires JackBe for mashup tooling, real-time analytics

A new Intelligent Business Operations Platform is also in the works

Early Adopters

Walgreens Opens Up to External Mobile Apps

The drugstore chain builds an open API layer that lets mobile app developers connect to its corporate systems.

How To

ESB Persists As Application Integration Tool

The tried-and-true enterprise service bus--long the foundation of now-dated service oriented architecture deployments--is back in style thanks to the increasing need to integrate disparate applications. The secret to ESB's future success, some say, is a close tie to API management tools.

How To

How IT Can Achieve Operational Resiliency

Today's complex IT environments make maintaining 'always on' availability more challenging than ever before, even as IT has become central to most business operations. IDC's David Tapper says organizations must adopt a plan for achieving operational resiliency.

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6 Big Data Analytics Use Cases for Healthcare IT

Making use of the petabytes of patient data that healthcare organizations possess requires extracting it from legacy systems, normalizing it and then building applications that can make sense of it. That's a tall order, but the facilities that pull it off can learn a lot.


Red Hat Advances Enterprise OpenStack Distro to Early Adopter Program

Red Hat Distribution for OpenStack, or RDO, is designed to provide a place for the community to add upstream features to Red Hat's enterprise OpenStack distribution, similar to the role the open source Fedora Project plays for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

How To

Health Information Exchange Critical But Suffers From Complications

Efforts to expedite the adoption of health information exchange in the United States face a bevy of technology, management and financial questions. There are no easy answers, since HIE organizations are as different as the regions, the populations and the healthcare providers they represent. But there are some lessons to be learned.


How Cloud Computing Helps Cut Costs, Boost Profits

Companies that are moving select IT capabilities to the cloud are saving money and increasing profits, which they are putting back into the business to increase headcount, boost wages and drive innovation.

How To

6 Hidden Costs of Cloud and How to Avoid Them

As organizations flock to the cloud—94 percent of enterprises are at least discussing cloud or cloud services—they are encountering a host of hidden costs. These costs can be avoided with a bit of planning.


How to Rationalize Your Application Portfolio

A majority of enterprises have hundreds of applications deployed on their network, but most tend to actively use far fewer than that. This application bloat is a significant and growing problem that costs many organizations millions of dollars a year. Here's how to combat the application sprawl.

Case Study

Splunk Adds Visibility Into Virtual Environments

IaaS provider CloudShare deployed Splunk to correlate machine-generated data and provide insight into every aspect of its business.


Long Live SOA in the Cloud Era

You might not hear much about SOA anymore, but its imperative to make "everything a service" is more relevant than ever.