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Enterprise Who? Google Says Little About Apps, Business Cloud Services in Q1 Report

An executive on the earnings call pooh-poohed the need for differentiation in the enterprise cloud computing market Full Story »
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6 Amazing Advances in Cloud Technology

The cloud is more than just dirt-cheap data storage and lightning-fast apps. These six innovations show that it's possible to manage servers, develop applications, run virtual machines and even sequence the human genome using cloud technology.


Build: Microsoft Azure Embraces Outside Technologies

Microsoft has open-sourced its new C# compiler and Azure now incorporates the open source Chef and Puppet configuration managers


Researchers Publicly Disclose Vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Cloud Service

The flaws could allow attackers to break into Java applications hosted on the service, researchers from Security Explorations said


Microsoft Slashes Azure Prices, Introduces New Basic Tier

Amazon Web Services and Google also cut prices in March


Amazon Counters Google with its Own Cloud Price Cuts

Amazon's announcement comes the day after Google said it is cutting prices


Cloud Wars Heating Up in 2014

Google, Amazon and Microsoft have all made strategic moves to gain cloud market share -- and the 'cloud wars' are only getting started.


Red Hat to Take on Microsoft with .NET Hosted Service

Through a partnership with Uhuru, Red Hat will offer Microsoft .NET and SQL Server as cloud services

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5 Things Cloud Providers Need to Know About Selling to the Government

Selling cloud services to the federal government is a rigorous process. Documentation, not to the mention the word 'No,' play a big part. Here veterans of the FedRAMP cloud certification process share some tips and dispel some myths.


Oracle Software on Microsoft Azure Gets a General Availability Date

Pricing for use of Oracle's database and other products will also kick in upon March 12's GA launch


Microsoft PowerBI Puts Web and Internal Data on the Map

In beta since July, Microsoft Power BI is now generally available for all users


Concurrent Offers Performance Management for Big Data Applications

The primary sponsor of the open source Cascading application framework for big data has unveiled Driven, a big data application performance management product for developers and dev ops.

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Why Major Misconceptions Surround the Enterprise Public Cloud

Enterprise IT spending stalled in 2013 (though it will likely pick back up in 2014). Many say it's because enterprises have less to spend, but columnist Rob Enderle thinks it's because they've been spending a bit foolishly -- by reimbursing users for personal cloud services instead of examining cheaper ways to provide the same services themselves.


Red Hat Refreshes Private Cloud Stacks for the Enterprise

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0 features the latest version of the OpenStack cloud building software

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An OpenStack Primer for IT Executives

OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform, has garnered the support of more than 200 IT vendors. Enterprises embrace the platform for its flexible, hardware-agnostic architecture -- but they should realize that this modularity can come at a cost.