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Windows XP is Still Running Thousands of Websites Worldwide

It's not just desktop users who refuse to move on from Windows XP. Thousands of websites are still enamored with the now-unsupported OS, too. Full Story »

New Cisco Switches Take Aim at Big Data Centers, Data Applications

Cisco this week is unveiling two new configurations of its recently-launched Nexus 9000 switches, a new 40G Nexus switch.A In addition, Cisco is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its UCS server.


Servergy Becomes First Company Outside of IBM to Build Power Server

IBM for decades was the only company making servers based on its proprietary Power architecture, but that's not the case anymore.


Speedy Attack Targets Web Servers with Outdated Linux Kernels

Web servers running a long-outdated version of the Linux kernel were attacked with dramatic speed over two days last week, Cisco Systems said on Thursday.


Lenovo Rallies Troops After Rivals Swoop on IBM Server Deal

Lenovo will send a memo to its server sales team on Tuesday, urging them to ignore the "uncertainty and doubt" its rivals are sowing over its acquisition of IBM's server division.


VMware Launches Virtual SAN Software

VMware's vSAN software harvests unused storage space on servers to park virtual disks


Huawei Expands Partnership with SAP, Launches New HANA Hardware

The two companies work well together because they have very complimentary product portfolios, according to SAP


5 Data Center Gaffes in Popular Hollywood Movies

Hollywood isn't afraid to bend the truth to tell a tale. The data centers depicted in five popular movies prove this point -- as do the ways characters get into them and steal data from them.


Intel Stresses In-memory Computing with 15-core Server Chip

Intel's Xeon E7 v2 chips will go into servers with up to 32 sockets


HP Says Security Updates Not Included Under New Firmware Policy

Hewlett-Packard said security and safety updates will be provided to all its server users, after a controversy surrounding the company's decision to restrict access to firmware updates to server customers on warranty or covered by a support agreement.


HP Starts Charging for Server Firmware Updates

PC owners probably don't give firmware updates much thought and rarely, if ever, seek them out directly. Enthusiasts and small businesses running low-end servers, on the other hand, have a keener interest in firmware since sometimes skipping an update can be fatal for their investment.


HP Takes Giant Leap in Server Design

When it comes to data center servers, the goal is to pack the most power into the smallest, most efficient package. HP has leapfrogged past traditional blade servers with its new Moonshot line that delivers high density and low power in a space-saving "cartridge-based" chassis.


Storage and Servers Will Help Boost IT Spending, Says IDC

There's significant pent-up demand in the U.S. and Europe for infrastructure upgrades, capacity and bandwidth investments, according to IDC


Microsoft's Scott Guthrie Takes Over Satya Nadella's Previous Role

He has been appointed as acting lead of cloud and enterprise, Microsoft said


Intel Closing Down Appup Online App Store

The app store was first set up to support users of netbook computers