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Why Software Testing Can't Save You From IT Disasters

Some software bugs are like the cicadia, emerging only under the 'right' conditions and wreaking havoc until they're stopped. Without the right tools, no amount of software testing can stop these bugs from causing a meltdown. Just ask Nasdaq. Full Story »

Why Open Source Is the Key to Cloud Innovation

Open source software has become pervasive in the enterprise over the last 25 years. As the world begins to move to the cloud--where speed and scalability are critical, open source software is taking an even more intrinsic role. How are key open source players providing the foundation and why is Richard Stallman saying, 'don't do it'?

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Security Implications of the Humble Computer Clock

Is the clock on every computer system in your organization set to the correct time? Making sure that computers are set with the correct time is one of those seemingly petty technical things that can unfortunately have big, negative consequences if not done properly.


Sonatype Forges Ahead with Maven Tools

Repository assistant, Eclipse linkage readied for the company's popular Java build manager.

Expert View

Using Open-Source Innovation Networks to Drive Collaborative Software Development

Collaboration on software development is essential, but how do you include your partners, customers and even competitors as part of an extended team? Read on for tips on using open source software to establish an innovative network for IT.


Eclipse to Stress Component, Runtime Efforts

Open source-foundation's conference this week also to feature Eclipse holdout Microsoft, which is expected to announce a collaboration arrangement.


Eclipse Reeling in Swordfish as SOA Framework

Open source project leverages OSGi, Service Component Architecture, and Java Business Integration.

News Feature

Oracle Increases Involvement in Eclipse, Open Sources TopLink

Oracle is open sourcing TopLink Java persistence framework as the vendor ramps up its participation in the Eclipse Foundation.

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Microsoft Researcher, Wiki Creator Joins Eclipse

Microsoft Corp. researcher Ward Cunningham is joining the Eclipse Foundation, according to a Web log entry posted by Eclipse executive director Mike Milinkovich Monday.