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Fewer College Students Use Tablets; May Be a Sign Device Doesn't Boost Productivity

How much real work can one get done on a tablet? Or are tablets mostly designed for entertainment? The questions arise as a recent survey of college students showed a small decline in tablet ownership. Full Story »

With Openpower, IBM Tries to Turn the Tables on Intel

The company will license its new Power 8 chip to other companies to build hyperscale systems


Raspberry Pi Alternatives Emerge to Fill Need for Speed

The HummingBoard and $50 Banana Pi are faster alternatives to the popular $25 Raspberry Pi PC


Prepare for 'Fake 4K': New Standard Will Silently Compress PC, Tablet Video

A new standard adopted by the VESA standards body preserves existing video connectors. possibly at the price of video quality.

Advice & Opinion

The Imminent Age of Virtual Reality is an Illusion

When faced with technology options, we are choosing the ones that require the least commitment to undivided attention.


5 Ways Microsoft Will Enable Your PC to See, Sense, and Understand

Microsoft Research showed off how its Kinect computer-vision sensor could transform the way you use webcams and more.


4 Things You'll Love About HTC's One (M8) - and 4 You Won't

HTC's latest and greatest, the One (M8), packs a bevy of unique features. Some are sure to impress, while others will disappoint. CIO.com's Al Sacco shed lights on four of the best things about the new HTC One and four of the worst.


Future Tech: Americans Foresee Made-to-Order Organs, Teleportation and Robots

Many Americans think the next 50 years will bring custom-ordered, made-to-order organ generation, teleportation and robots that care for the elderly and sick. But not everyone's so hopeful.


Samsung's 28-inch 4K Monitor Price Drops to Under $600

Amazon, Newegg now selling Samsung's U28D590D 4K monitor for $599.99, which could lead to a drop in competitive prices


Even the Most Secure Cloud Storage May Not Be So Secure, Study Finds

Some cloud storage providers who hope to be on the leading edge of cloud security adopt a "zero-knowledge" policy in which vendors say it is impossible for customer data to be snooped on. But a recent study by computer scientists at John


Google Tech to Bring 3D Mapping Smarts to NASA's Space Station Robots

NASA and Google are working together to send new 3D technology aloft to map the International Space Station.


AMD Steers Clear of Low-cost Tablet Market

AMD says Intel's contra-revenue tablet maker subsidy program is "foreign" to the company


Plastic Computers Taking Shape, but Won't Replace Silicon

A researcher says plastic computers are still far away, as challenges need to be resolved on writing data and processing

News analysis

U.S. Commercial Drone Industry Struggles to Take Off

The U.S. commercial drone industry is still struggling to get off the ground more than two years after President Obama signed into law a bill that permits the civilian use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) over the country's airspace.


Americans Cool with Lab-Grown Organs, But Not Designer Babies

Americans are optimistic about scientific inventions on the horizon, though are cautious about future uses of DNA, robots, drones and always-on implants, according to the latest Pew Research Center survey on future technology.