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Microsoft Concedes Chromebooks Are Work-Worthy

Microsoft on Monday conceded that Google's Chrome OS and the Chromebooks the operating system powers are capable of doing real work, a reversal of its "Scroogled" campaign that once blasted the laptops as worthless. Full Story »

Intel Brings Windows 8.1 to Schools with New Education Hybrid

Intel this week showed off a laptop-tablet hybrid with Windows 8.1 for the education market, where Chromebooks and tablets are also fighting for position.

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The Mainframe Isn't Dead, and Neither Is the PC

The mainframe was supposed to go extinct decades ago, but it's abundant in many habitats. Same goes for the PC, which seems to have adapted for survival better than once thought. Both the mainframe and the PC offer evolutionary advantages that newer, more sophisticated species still struggle to match.


5 Key Things Windows XP Users Need to Know Before Buying a New PC

On Tuesday, April 8, Microsoft will bid adieu to Windows XP, delivering the final security updates for the twelve year-old OS. While many XP users out there plan on keeping their PC--with or without Microsoft's support--many others are looking to at long last switch to a new computer.


Fumble-free USB 3.1 Connector Will Be in Products By Year End

USB Implementers Forum says final USB 3.1 specification will be published in July


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review: Slightly Overdone, But Plenty Tasty

Lenovo took its sweet time cooking up Haswell versions of its flagship business Ultrabook line. While there are signs the 2014 ThinkPad X1 Carbon spent too much time in the test kitchen, it's still the best notebook I've laid hands on.


Wall Street Beat: Mixed News for Tech Puts Dent in Sector Confidence

Nasdaq Computer index closes down for the week


Lenovo Recalls ThinkPad Batteries for Fire Hazard

Lenovo is recalling certain ThinkPad battery packs that could be a fire hazard due to overheating, which could ultimately also lead to computer damage.


PC Sales to Drop By 6% in 2014

The global decline in sales of laptops and desktops is expected to continue in 2014 -- and Gartner envisions another decline of nearly 5% in 2015.


Should You Get a Hybrid Laptop? A User Report Card

Hybrids -- laptops whose displays detach to become tablets -- were designed to allow users to have one device with many uses. But do they work as advertised? We talked to some users to find out.

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How to Work Seamlessly Across Multiple Devices

Employees who used to burn the midnight oil at the office now get to do so from the comforts of home, thanks to the proliferation of personal laptops, tablets and smartphones. Getting files to appear on and sync with multiple devices can be challenging, but a little bit of advanced planning can go a long way.

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Forget Dual-Booting Android PCs, Give Us Chromebook-Windows Hybrids

Dual-booting Android with Windows doesn't make sense, but a Windows Chromebook would be to die for.


Microsoft and Google Aren't Happy with Mutant Android-Windows Hybrids

Microsoft and Google reportedly aren't happy with the idea of sharing space on the same PC.

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6 Gadgets to Improve Your Next Business Trip

Taking business on the road? These gadgets will help you stay productive without making your bag exceed the carry-on size limit.


IGEL Turns Old Laptops Into Thin Clients with New Software

The company's Universal Desktop Converter 2 software costs $80 per laptop