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Confused Over What Tablet to Buy? Join the Crowd

Tablet sales are slowing, forcing sellers and potential buyers alike to confront confusion over which device to buy. Full Story »

2-in-1 Devices Face a Long, Slow Slog to Credibility

Microsoft's efforts to push the concept of a "2-in-1" device, a tablet that does double duty as a notebook, will continue to struggle, an analyst said Tuesday.

How To

10 Must-Know Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablet Tips and Tricks

Whether you're a new Kindle Fire HDX owner or a seasoned Amazon tablet user, you'll appreciate these 10 tips and tricks that will help you reset a malfunctioning device, organize and streamline navigation, boost data security and more.


Should You Get a Hybrid Laptop? A User Report Card

Hybrids -- laptops whose displays detach to become tablets -- were designed to allow users to have one device with many uses. But do they work as advertised? We talked to some users to find out.

How To

How to Work Seamlessly Across Multiple Devices

Employees who used to burn the midnight oil at the office now get to do so from the comforts of home, thanks to the proliferation of personal laptops, tablets and smartphones. Getting files to appear on and sync with multiple devices can be challenging, but a little bit of advanced planning can go a long way.


Microsoft and Google Aren't Happy with Mutant Android-Windows Hybrids

Microsoft and Google reportedly aren't happy with the idea of sharing space on the same PC.


Nook's Windows Apps Halted for Mysterious 'Microsoft Consumer Reader'

Is this the end of a tragic tale or the start of an exciting new chapter for the partnership between Microsoft and Nook?


Using Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Tablets in the Enterprise

When you think of business tablets, chances are Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX tablets don't come immediately to mind. Though not perfect, the Kindle Fire HDX tablets are actually well suited for business use, particularly BYOD, according to's Al Sacco.


Tablets Coming Back to Earth After Years of Breakthrough Growth

The rate of increase in tablet shipments is expected to slow this year after unabated growth during the product category's first three years of existence.


Best Buy Offers Massive Surface Pro Discount as Tablet Fades Away

If you're in the market for a last-generation Surface Pro, now is the time to buy--before that version of Microsoft's tablet is gone forever.


Tablet Shipments Could Start to Slip As Consumer Markets Get Saturated

Global tablet shipments are still on the rise, but are showing signs of dramatic slowing as consumer markets such as the U.S. become saturated, IDC said.


Microsoft Loses Money on Each Surface Sold

Microsoft lost $39 million last quarter selling its Surface tablets, the company acknowledged in filings today with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Tablet Review: ASUS Transformer T100

The T100 tablet pulls double duty as a tablet and a notebook at a rock-bottom price. But how does it stack up in real-world use.


Tablet Trends for 2014: More Windows Tablets, 3G/4G and Phablets

Android and iOS tablets will both begin to lose global market share in 2014, while Windows ramps up slightly, according to research firm IDC.


Microsoft Releases Update to Fix Surface Pro 2 Firmware Problems

Microsoft has issued a Surface Pro 2 update to fix glitches introduced by a December firmware release, which reduced battery life and changed how the device went into or out of sleep mode.