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Is There Any Digital Marketing Value in New Breed of Social Apps?

The road to revenue for ephemeral and anonymous apps like Snapchat, Secret and Whisper is uncharted. How these social apps will ever achieve a level of revenue that would justify their sky-high valuations is foggy at best. Full Story »
News Takes a Cue From Amazon's Mayday with 'SOS' for Service

The help feature can be embedded into any native iOS or Android application

News analysis

How the Collaborative Economy Will Change the Way You Do Business

The Internet puts the goods, services and expertise you need at your fingertips. Some call it a 'collaborative economy' focused less on transactions and more on trades. Others see a throwback to the early days of economic exchange. Either way, it's quickly changing the way we do business.


New Google Street View Feature Lets You Time-Travel to Images Past

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time for even a few years, Google's Street View has you covered.


Survey Respondents Shun Much-Hyped Mobile Shopping Technologies

Most unaware of, uninterested in, or hostile to mobile tracking, paying.


FCC Will Seek Input on Latest Net Neutrality Proposal

An upcoming proposal allowing pay-for-priority service is not finalized, an official says


Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Gives Up Day-to-day Duties

Zynga's founder will remain the chairman and largest shareholder


Report: US FCC to Allow Payments for Speedier Traffic

The agency's proposal would allow paid preferential treatment for some traffic based on commercially reasonable terms


Brazil's Global Internet Conference Includes Call to End Spying

Participants target an end to Internet surveillance, but have other goals including net neutrality


Facebook Sales Leap, Amid a Growing Mobile Ad Business

Mobile ad sales comprised nearly 60 percent of the company's total ad sales

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'Silicon Valley' Nails the Bay Area's Tech Culture's Tom Kaneshige had resisted watching HBO's new comedy about life in the Silicon Valley. After all, he's lived it since the '90s. But a funny thing happened during his week of binge viewing.


Google AdWords Cleared in Geotagging Patent Lawsuit

Google AdWords does not infringe a location-based search patent owned by a company called GeoTag, a U.S. judge ruled in a case in which Google and Microsoft teamed up to come to the aid of customers who use their mapping services.


Bing for Schools Out of Pilot Stage, Promises Ad-Free Search

Microsoft is throwing open an advertisement-free version of its Bing search engine to all eligible kindergarten to 12th grade schools in the U.S., after completing the pilot stage of this program that was first run in five large public school districts.


Brazil's Senate Passes Internet Legislation Ahead of NETmundial Conference

Brazil's President said it could be a model to guarantee real-world rights in a virtual world


Dorian Nakamoto Thanks Bitcoin Users for Donations

The alleged Bitcoin creator received over US$23,000 worth of bitcoin from supporters